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Mysterious Huawei launch revealed and it could offer fans something the P30 Pro can’t

Mysterious Huawei launch revealed and it could offer fans something the P30 Pro can't 1

Huawei may have just revealed its new Mate 30 Pro to the world but there could be one final smartphone unveiled before the year is out.

Although not confirmed, it appears the Chinese firm is holding a major event later this week and, if the latest rumours are true, it could be the most radical of 2019.

The device has been outed in a tweet by analyst Jeb Su with what appears to be an official invite from Huawei.

The mysterious device that is pictured in the message seems to feature a fully edge-to-edge screen with no bezels or sign of a front-facing camera.


In his message on social media, Su states, “@Huawei announced today that it will launch a new All-Screen Smartphone Category on October 17 in Paris, France which we expect will include an in-display selfie camera and fingerprint reader #AllThingsMobile #AthertonResearch.”

Express.co.uk has not been able to verify this event but, if the invite is as exciting as it sounds, there could be some big news to watch out for.

Many companies have been trying to solve the issue of big screens that aren’t hampered by a notch or hole-punched cameras.

If Huawei has managed it on this latest device then expect plenty of other manufacturers to follow with their own version of hidden selfie snappers.

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We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more information but watch this space and keep some time free in your diary for October 17 as it could be an interesting night.

If Huawei does unveil a phone it won’t be the only firm revealing new hardware.

Google also has its event taking place on Tuesday, October 15 where it is expected to show off its new Pixel 4 smartphone.

This device is rumoured to include a dual-lens camera, faster processor, better display and faster charging.

There’s also talk that Google will unveil a 5G version of the Pixel in the coming days although that’s not yet been confirmed.

We’ll have all the news from the keynote in New York and expect Google to throw in a few surprises along the way.

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