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Mystery alien creature with ‘human-looking arms’ freaks out the internet

Viewers have been left baffled after a video emerged of an “alien-looking” creature clinging its long arms on a rock.

TikTok user “stinkyeyescrappy”shared the clip last Tuesday and asked the viewers if they know what “this little creature” could be.

The creature bears a striking resemblance of a lizard with bumpy texture covering from its head to tail.

It is seen clinging on to the edge of a rock and not moving for a bit as the woman moves the camera to show the front.

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While thousands of people are taking a wild guess, the lizard-like animal has four long limbs, which some viewers said it’s like a creepy creature from a movie.

The creature clings onto a rock by its two long arms

Some called it a “slender man of lizard” while others joked it’s a character from Star Wars.

One user tried to search for it on the internet but couldn’t find any answer.

“Is this for real? I’m back from Google and I didn’t get an answer,” he commented.

The clip has been viewed 535,000 times and to help narrow down the search, the user said she found the creature in Boulder City in Nevada, the US.

Some viewers doubted the creature was real and suggested it could be a child’s toy.

Som viewers tried to search on Google but couldn't find answers from it
Som viewers tried to search on Google but couldn’t find answers from it

“I’m pretty sure it’s the old, dried, and sun-baked version of those toy sticky plastic lizards that you throw at the wall!” the viewer wrote.

A second agreed and wrote: “Looks like one of those sticky slap toys.”

A third commented: “Looks like cartoon lizard that got flattened by a truck and walked away.”

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