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Mystery as cigar-shaped object spotted flying over mountains in Tennessee

A mysterious low-flying object was spotted hovering steadily along the mountains in Tennessee, the US, leading conspiracy theorists to claim it as a bizarre UFO sighting.

Footage taken by Whitwell resident Alan Barra captures the slender, cigar-shaped object gliding through the sky just above the mountain range.

The UFO appears to be white in colour and moves towards the south before it descends and disappears behind the trees.

It’s left passers-by baffled.

A woman can be heard saying as she watches: “What is it? Are you recording this?”

Alan replies: “I don’t know what it is. It looks like a damn UFO.”

The object was seen flying at a low altitude right above the mountain range in Whitwell, Tennessee

The clip was later shared by popular conspiracy theorist YouTube channel ” The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 “, who gave his 41,000 subscribers his thoughts on the cigar-shaped object.

The user said: “In this footage, this object is travelling too fast to be a blimp and flying a little too low to be a plane.”

The incident took place a bit over a week ago, on June 28.

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Alan told him in a recorded interview he and his partner went out to their back porch looking at a rainbow after the rain.

A conspiracy theorist said it's flying too low to be a plane but it's travelling too fast to be a "blimp"
A conspiracy theorist said it’s flying too low to be a plane but it’s travelling too fast to be a ‘blimp’

He explained: “My wife saw a small substance and she said ‘what’s that?’ and I follow it on camera.

“I can’t say for sure it’s wasn’t a plane, but a plane like that? I don’t think it’s a commercial airline.”

He added the land behind the ridge is a rural area and doesn’t have any airports.

Some viewers claimed to have seen similar cigar-shaped UFO sightings recently and praised Alan for capturing the bizarre encounter.

But others said the object appeared to be a plane.

One viewer commented: “It looks a lot like a plane, looks like it has a tail.”

Though another argued: “If this was a plane, there would have been an explosion when it went into the trees as it would have crashed.

“There’s no way a plane would have been able to land on a mountain safely. It’s very good footage.”

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