Home Science NASA reveals Puerto Rico earthquake damage in satellite images

NASA reveals Puerto Rico earthquake damage in satellite images

NASA reveals Puerto Rico earthquake damage in satellite images 1

More than 2,000 earthquakes have rocked Puerto Rico since the middle of December, including a huge magnitude-6.6 tremor on January 7. That earthquake killed at least one person and caused at least $ 110million (£85million) in damages to the US territory.

The damage is still being analysed by experts, but NASA satellite images reveal the sheer destruction the earthquakes and its aftershocks brought with it.

According to NASA satellite images, there were 120 landslides in the wake of the earthquakes, which resulted in displacement of the surface of Puerto Rico.

Experts will then be able to use the information to coordinate a better disaster response plan.

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NASA said: “Scientists have conducted preliminary mapping of landslides inferred to have occurred during the period of strong ground shaking related to the Jan. 7 earthquake.

“One hundred twenty landslides were mapped. They are widely dispersed across the affected area, with the highest concentration in the southwestern portion of the island nearest the epicentre.

“The landslide team is coordinating directly with the USGS Landslide Hazard program to provide relevant information for site analyses and assessments.”

Data from the ESA’s Copernicus Sentinel-1A satellite found that the ground shifted downwards and to the west by around 5.5 inches.

NASA said on its website: “The scientists found that the greatest displacement from the [satellite’s] flyover area occurred west of the city of Ponce (identified by the green star), not far from the quake’s offshore epicentre.

“They recorded up to 5.5 inches (14 centimetres) of ground change there. The ground appeared to shift downward and slightly to the west.”

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The rock formation, which collapsed into the Caribbean, was an iconic feature of Puerto Rico and was shaped like a round stone window and provided a beautiful vista of the ocean in Guayanilla.

Previously, visitors would take photos throughout the hole and even walk out along the top of the rock formation.

“Playa Ventana has collapsed.

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