Nate Nanzer is no longer Fortnite’s “Head of Competitive”

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The ex-Overwatch League “boss” joined Epic Games back in 2019 to develop the competitive scene. Now, he’s out of the position

According to analyst SomebodysGun, Fortnite’s head of competitive operations left the position just last month. Nate Nanzer left his esteemed position at Overwatch’s Esports league back in 2019 for the spot at Epic Games

Nanzer didn’t leave Epic Games. Rather he is now just in charge of different things. The official title Nanzer now holds is “Head of Global Partnerships.” A problem that arises for us competitive or casual-competitive players is that there is no leadership for Fortnite’s competitive future

SomebodysGun would go on to mention the position is still vacant (as of writing this). There is no timeline as to when there will be a new lead – or if there will be one at all. With Fortnite’s competitive season (Fortnite Championship Series Duos) coming to a close, the future is wildly unknown. A lack of leadership during uncertain times is never a good thing in my experience

A lack of communication from Epic is systematically creating a shaky foundation for their Esports scene. Analysts, players, and viewers alike are all scrutinizing Epic now more than ever. But the solution is simple, Epic: listen to the widely respected figureheads of the community

Back in the latter half of Chapter 1, competitive reporter ImSpeedyGonzalez opened a dialogue with Epic Games to consult and advise them. He was and still is one of the top competitive representatives and gave very popular input to the company that historically hasn’t listened. The result? One of the most successful seasons in Fortnite’s history: Season X

Nate Nanzer is no longer Fortnite’s “Head of Competitive”

The trios iteration had the perfect mix of mobility, loot pool, and prizes to make the season a memorable past. Who knew we would fast forward less than 1 year to where we are at now

I would like to double down on my previous statement by adding another path to put Fortnite back on top: hire some of these people! There are numerous Fornite casters, analysts, and competitive reporters that could easily implement a competitive meta that will make people want to grind the game again

BallaTW, SpeedyGonzalez, MonsterDFace, and Sundown are all candidates that pop up in my head. All are widely regarded as unofficial “faces of Fortnite” and would slide into the position with ease. The less you resist the community, the more engaged your base will be. Epic has a unique opportunity to bring back the love that got us into the game – we’ll have to see what they do with it

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