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Nature up close: Allowing nature to tend to our souls

By “Sunday Morning” contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg. 

I thought about writing about the biology of the coronavirus this week, but then realized how tired we all are of hearing of nothing else. Not that we shouldn’t stay vigilant, we obviously should. But we need to tend to our souls as well as our physical health. Science has shown one way to do the former is to get outside for a run, a bike ride, a walk, or just wander around in the woods.

I’m lucky. We have five-and-a-half acres of turkey-foot oaks, swamp chestnut oaks, willow oaks, water oaks, bald cypress, maples, loblolly pines, magnolias, and any other native plant that wants to grow in our part of southeast Texas. I can get plenty of exercise just walking our driveway repeatedly while bird- and flower-watching. 

If you aren’t as lucky as I am, take five minutes to see our “backyard,” relax, listen to the birds, and just breathe.

A Break from the Virus – We need nature now more than ever. byEPIC Nature on YouTube
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Judy Lehmberg is a former college biology teacher who now shoots nature videos.

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