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Naya Rivera’s Ex Ryan Dorsey Cries, Reveals Son, Josey, 5, Asked Her Sister To Move In After Star Died


The late Naya Rivera’s ex Ryan Dorsey is explaining why her sister has moved in with him. After receiving death threats about it, he says his son pleaded for his aunt to live with them after missing his mom.

Actor Ryan Dorsey made a long explanation video for fans after word got out that his late ex-wife Naya Rivera‘s sister Nickayla was now living with him. The Glee star tragically drowned in July while on a boating trip on SoCal’s Lake Piru with the former couple’s now five-year-old son Josey Hollis Dorsey. That left the confused little boy without a mother after he watched her go underneath the water while yelling for help. As a result, Josey wanted his aunt to come live with him and his dad, since he is missing his mom so much.

Ryan titled the 12 minute Sept. 29 Instagram video “Its not always black and white.” In it, he explained that, “I can’t believe this is real life and I am about to address any of this nonsense.” He revealed how he hadn’t been on social media since mid-July and that, “It’s been brought to my attention that there’s a lot of people who have a lot to say and opinions on a family’s tragic situation. There’s people making judgements, making assumptions, they’re sending terrible messages wishing death upon strangers who they truly know next to zero about.”

Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera
Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera attend the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards in Pasadena, CA. Photo credit: MEGA.

He then went on to discuss how Josey is handling the absence of his beloved mom and wanted Nickayla — who he calls “Titi” — to live with them. “And then he asks me if Titi can live with us. ‘I want Titi to live with us forever,’ because she’s now the closest thing that he has to a mom, because you’re gonna need all the help you can get as a single parent, trying to build your career and navigate this disaster with your child and you deal with it every hour of every day for 80-plus days now,” Ryan explained.

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