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NCIS LA: When does rapper Offset appear in NCIS? Will he return in new series?

Fans are almost at the end of the 11th series of NCIS: Los Angeles which is airing on CBS. There are only two more episodes left before the series is wrapped up and fans want to know if the rapper Offset, who stars in the series, will be back.

NCIS: Los Angeles is a spin-off police drama to the original NCIS series, which is a long-running procedural on CBS.

The series follows the LA-based Office of Special Projects, part of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service which specialises in undercover assignments.

In the episode on March 1, fans of the rapper Offset may have spotted him making a cameo as undercover investigator named Kadri.

In the episode Kadri risks his cover so he can help save special agent Fatima Namazi (Medalion Rahimi) who is being held hostage.

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NCIS Los Angeles: Rapper Offset featured (Image: Getty )

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The rapper has also been promoting his unreleased track titled Danger, which is played in various clips from the episode.

In one short clip the NCIS agents are asking Offset for help and he is reluctant as he is worried about blowing his cover.

He says: “No way, I can’t help you. I have spent two years bundling my cover here, I help you – we save one person if we are lucky.

“My cover allows me to save hundreds of lives every month.” But once the agents tell him the Namazi’s blood will be on his hands, he agrees to help them.

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Fans were impressed with the rapper’s performance as they did not know what to expect when it came to his acting skills.

Some fans have even asked the creators of the series to give him a recurring role, but it has not been confirmed whether he will be back.

His character’s story has an open ending which suggests he may be back further down the line, and viewers would welcome him back in a heartbeat.

One fan Tweeted: “I was very impressed last night when I saw NCIS, I knew that face looked familiar.

“You did a very outstanding job, I hope to see more of you on television.”

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Who is rapper Offset?

Offset’s real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus and he is married to the female rap star Cardi B.

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The songwriter and actor is a member of the hip hop music trio Migos, with his cousin Quavo and cousin once-removed Takeoff.

As well as his material with Migos, Offset has released solo music and has collaborated with a number of well-known artists, including Drake.

Online publication Wealthy Gorilla reported as of this year the professional rapper’s net worth was at an impressive an estimated £12million ($ 16 million).

Offset landed the role thanks to his rapper friend LL Cool J who also stars in the series as special agent Sam Hanna.

In a behind the scenes video on Twitter LL Cool J said: “We’ve been talking on and off. He kinds came to me and was like “Yo, I’d like to be involved with it”.

“One thing led to another and they [the producers] did their process, went through their thing, and here we are.”

With fans firmly behind Offset’s acting career it will be interesting to see whether he makes future appearances in the series.

NCIS: Los Angeles is airing on CBS now

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