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Neil Jones: Strictly pro warns fans to ‘be kind’ following tragic discovery near his home

Neil Jones, 38, shared with his followers that he had arrived home after a day at “the shops” to find lots of “police” outside his property. He revealed that he was unsure what had occurred, but there was a “body” discovered on the railway tracks.

I could see why

Neil Jones

He wrote to his 85.3k followers: “I went to the shops, when I got back i noticed a lot of police, as I looked out over my balcony I could see why.

“I’m not sure what happened but there was a body on the tracks.

“My thoughts go out to the persons family. Remember don’t be afraid to ask for help and everyone #bekind (sic).

His followers immediately responded, sending their well-wishes to Neil following the difficult encounter.

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Neil Jones, 38, shared with his followers that he had arrived home after a day at “the shops” (Image: WENN)

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One said: “What an awful sight for you to see. Not one you’ll ever unsee, but don’t be afraid to talk about it if you need to…. there are so many hidden victims of suicide. Or tragic accidents… Thinking of you.”

A second replied: “It should also go to the train driver, very traumatic for them too. I knew a guy who had been the driver, he was never the same after :-”

A third commented: “I’m sorry you had to see something like that. We need to keep pushing for people to speak openly, honestly and without stigma.”

Yesterday the star let slip that a well-known presenter would appear in this year’s line-up.

He told Good Morning Britain that although there is no official start date yet, the next season is likely to take place in October.

“No dates yet, they’re working really hard,” he said.

“We’re getting ready to go into rehearsals, we’re going into lockdown.”

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Neil explained: “We’re going to have a couple of weeks alone, get tested, make sure we’re healthy and then we’re going to go into lockdown together just so we can work on all the pro dances, basically.”

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This year all the professional dancers will isolate in the same hotel together during the filming of Strictly.

“It’s actually kind of exciting, we’d like to do it every year,” he added.

Ranvir Singh proceeded to grill Neil on whether his colleague Adil Ray will be appearing on the programme.

Asked when he would find out which celebs were taking part, he teased: “Normally we find out when you find out!

“So, normally we’d be in rehearsals and we’d find out [and go], ‘Oh OK, how tall is this person? Where do they live, what’s going to happen?”

Adil quipped: “About 5’9!”

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The presenter then questioned whether it would be acceptable to do some pre-show training.

Neil responded: “If you can get in some practise, do it.”

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