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New Mythic Machine Pistols coming soon

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New Mythic Machine Pistols coming soon

Recent leaks hint that a new mythic weapon could be added to Fortnite before the end of Season 4.

Mythic items played a major role in seasons 2 and 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2. By landing at a specific POI and taking out the AI boss, players could get their hands on some extra powerful loot.

From guns like Skye’s Assault Rifle and Ocean’s Burst AR, to utility such as Kit’s Shockwave Launcher, these mythic items would give you a huge advantage over the rest of the lobby.

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This season however, as part of Fortnite’s massive Marvel crossover, mythic loot has taken a different form. A range of superhero abilities based on the likes of Iron Man, Wolverine and more are currently available in-game.

Now though, it sounds like another weapon is inbound. New leaks suggest that Mystique, who also features as a Battle Pass skin, may be bringing a set of twin Uzis to the fight.

Fortnite dataminer @Mang0eLeaks shared the upcoming addition on Twitter. “It’s called Mystique’s Dual Auto Pistols” they said, adding “The guns might have similar stats to the P90’s Epic variant”. Yikes.

Machine Pistols like these have been rumoured to be in the works multiple times over the last year or so. In fact, a single wield version was briefly available in the Solid Gold LTM at the beginning of Season X, however this was an accident and it was quickly removed by Epic.

With this current season of Fortnite expected to run until late November, we can expect plenty more changes before Season 5. It will be interesting to see if Mystique becomes a new boss in-game, and if so where she spawns on the map.

Source:Fortnite Tracker Feed

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