New Year’s Eve 2019 in pictures: Latest photos and Happy New Year 2020 around the world

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New Year’s Eve 2019 in pictures: Latest photos and Happy New Year 2020 around the world 1

Already several countries have welcomed the New Year, including Australia, Thailand, India and Dubai. Others have a bit longer to wait before they usher in 2020, but celebrations are in full force across the world.

New Zealand sent fireworks cascading into the sky when their clocks struck midnight 13 hours ahead of the UK.

In Sydney, fireworks lit up the sky as the clocks tolled midnight, glittering over the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was lit up with fireworks when Dubai rang in 2020.

The UK will soon be saying hello to 2020 too, with only a few short hours to go until we say goodbye to 2019.

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Elsewhere, New Year has not brought celebrations, with protesters taking the opportunity to make themselves heard in Hong Kong.

Thousands of protesters briefly blocked one of Hong Kong’s main roads on New Year’s Eve after forming human chains across the city and marching through shopping malls, urging people not to give up the fight for democracy in 2020.

The protesters fled when police came to clear the road of objects such as umbrellas, street furniture and the metal skeleton of a Christmas tree decoration, but then occupied other parts of the road.

At least one man was arrested.

Across the UK preparations are in full swing, with Hogmanay in Edinburgh and the world-famous fireworks display in London.

Hogmanay celebrates the last day of the year, but is being commemorated across three days, having started on December 30 and ending on January 1.

There will be a ceilidh under the castle at 8.30pm tonight, and Grammy and Oscar Award winner Mark Ronson will host Hogmanay in Princes Street Gardens.

In London, the fireworks display will light up the London Eye and Big Ben come midnight.

The theme for the 2019–20 display will be ‘British New Decade’ and will celebrate the last 10 years in the United Kingdom.

It will also look ahead to 2020 with upcoming events such as UEFA Euro 2020.

For those not able to attend the display in London, the BBC will show the fireworks live on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has promised the “best fireworks London has ever seen”.

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