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NHL playoff bracket 2020: Updated TV schedule, scores, results for the Stanley Cup playoffs

It’s official. Sixteen teams are set to hit the ice between Toronto and Edmonton as the Stanley Cup playoffs begin with first-round action.

But who will skate away with Lord Stanley’s Cup at the end is anyone’s guess because, well, 2020.

The Blackhawks and Canadiens were the 23rd and 24th teams, respectively, in the league standings when the season had to pause due to the pandemic and now they’ll face off against the Golden Knights and Flyers in the first round. Not to mention neither Vegas nor Philadelphia won the Presidents’ Trophy or led their conference way back on March 12, when the regular season paused. Those two teams, the Bruins and Blues, are heading into the playoffs as No. 4 seeds.

The NHL playoffs begin Aug. 11 with the opening match-up featuring a re-match of the 2019 first round series that saw the upstart Blue Jackets ousting the Presidents’ Trophy-winning (and 62 win squad) Lightning in a sweep. If some series go the distance, there could be five Game 7s on the final day of the first round on Aug. 23.

Below you’ll find everything to know about watching the 2020 NHL playoffs, including series-by-series TV schedules and live-streaming information.

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NHL playoff bracket 2020

NHL playoff bracket 2020: Updated TV schedule, scores, results for the Stanley Cup playoffs 1
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NHL scores & results

All times Eastern

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia Flyers (1) vs. Montreal Canadiens (8)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Wed., Aug. 128 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASPHI, 2-1 (PHI leads 1-0)
2Fri., Aug. 143 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASMTL, 5-0 (Series tied 1-1)
3Sun., Aug. 168 p.m.NBC, CBC, SN, TVAS 
4Tues., Aug. 183 p.m.NBCSN 
*5Wed., Aug. 19TBDTBD 
*6Fri., Aug. 21TBDTBD 
*7Sun., Aug. 23TBDTBD 

Tampa Bay Lightning (2) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (7)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Tues., Aug. 113 p.m.NBCSN, SN, TVASTBL, 3-2 (5OT) (TBL leads 1-0)
2Thurs., Aug. 133 p.m.NBCSN, SN, TVASCBJ, 3-1 (Series tied 1-1)
3Sat., Aug. 157:30 p.m.NBCSN, SN360, TVASTBL, 3-2 (TBL leads 2-1)
4Mon., Aug. 173 p.m.NBCSN, SN, TVAS 
*5Wed., Aug. 19TBDTBD 
*6Fri., Aug. 21TBDTBD 
*7Sat., Aug. 22TBDTBD 
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Washington Capitals (3) vs. New York Islanders (6)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Wed., Aug. 123 p.m.NBCSN, SN, TVASNYI, 4-2 (NYI leads 1-0)
2Fri., Aug. 148 p.m.NBCSN, FX-CA, TVASNYI, 5-2 (NYI leads 2-0)
3Sun., Aug. 1612 p.m.USA, SN360, TVAS 
4Tues., Aug. 188 p.m.NBCSN 
*5Thurs., Aug. 20TBDTBD 
*6Sat., Aug. 22TBDTBD 
*7Sun., Aug. 23TBDTBD 

Boston Bruins (4) vs. Carolina Hurricanes (5)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Tues., Aug. 1211 a.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASBOS, 4-3 (2OT) (BOS leads 1-0)
2Thurs., Aug. 138 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASCAR, 3-2 (Series tied 1-1)
3Sat., Aug. 15NoonNBCSN, SN, TVASBOS, 3-1 (BOS leads 2-1)
4Mon., Aug. 178 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS 
*5Wed., Aug. 19TBDTBD 
*6Thurs., Aug. 20TBDTBD 
*7Sun., Aug. 23TBDTBD 

Western Conference

Vegas Golden Knights (1) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (8)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Tues., Aug. 1110:30 p.m.NBCSN, SN, TVASVGK, 4-1 (VGK leads 1-0)
2Thurs., Aug. 135:30 p.m.NBCSN, SN360, TVASVGK, 4-3 (OT) (VGK leads 2-0)
3Sat., Aug. 158 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASVGK, 2-1 (VGK leads 3-0)
4Sun., Aug. 166:30 p.m.NBCSN, SN1, SN360, TVAS 
*5Tues., Aug. 18TBDTBD 
*6Thurs., Aug. 20TBDTBD 
*7Sat., Aug. 22TBDTBD 

Colorado Avalanche (2) vs. Arizona Coyotes (7)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Wed., Aug. 125:30 p.m.NBCSN, SN360, TVASCOL, 3-0 (COL leads 1-0)
2Fri., Aug. 142 p.m.NHLN, SN360, TVASCOL, 3-2 (COL leads 2-0)
3Sat., Aug. 153 p.m.CNBC, SN360, TVASARI, 4-2 (COL leads 2-1)
4Mon., Aug. 175:30 p.m.NBCSN, FX-CA, TVAS 
*5Wed., Aug. 19TBDTBD 
*6Fri., Aug. 21TBDTBD 
*7Sun., Aug. 23TBDTBD 

Dallas Stars (3) vs. Calgary Flames (6)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Tues., Aug. 115:30 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASCGY, 3-2 (CGY leads 1-0)
2Thurs., Aug. 1310:30 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASDAL, 5-4 (Series tied 1-1)
3Fri., Aug. 1410:30 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASCGY, 2-0 (CGY leads 2-1)
4Sun., Aug. 162 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS 
*5Tues., Aug. 18TBDTBD 
*6Thurs., Aug. 20TBDTBD 
*7Sat., Aug. 22TBDTBD 

St. Louis Blues (4) vs. Vancouver Canucks (5)

GameDateTimeTV channelScore
1Wed., Aug. 1210:30 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVASVAN, 5-2 (VAN leads 1-0)
2Fri., Aug. 146:30 p.m.NHLN, SN, TVASVAN, 4-3 (OT) (VAN leads 2-0)
3Sun., Aug. 1610:30 p.m.CNBC, SN, TVAS 
4Mon., Aug. 1710:30 p.m.NBCSN, CBC, SN, TVAS 
*5Wed., Aug. 19TBDTBD 
*6Fri., Aug. 21TBDTBD 
*7Sun., Aug. 23TBDTBD 

How do the NHL playoffs work?

The NHL held a “qualifying round” in each conference before the official start of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs. The top four seeds in each conference each earned automatic playoff berths, leaving the 5-12 seeds in each conference to face off in best-of-five series to determine the remaining spots in the playoff bracket.

Meanwhile, the top four seeds participated in a round-robin tournament to determine their seeding for Round 1 with the Flyers and Avalanche securing the No. 1 seeds in their respective conferences.

Now that the playoff bracket is set, each series will be a best-of-seven format from the first round through the Stanley Cup Final, as is customary. The only major difference is teams from both conferences will re-seed after each round, rather than the division-specific seeds in recent years.

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NHL schedule 2020

The first round of the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs starts Tuesday, Aug. 11 with series ending no later than Sunday, Aug. 23 if Game 7s are necessary. Round 2 would begin Aug. 24 followed by the conference finals, tentatively scheduled for Sept. 8 depending on the second round outcomes.

The Stanley Cup Final is scheduled to begin Sept. 22 and be completed no later than Oct. 4.

Round 1

Tuesday, Aug. 11

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 1: Blue Jackets vs. Lightning3 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 1: Flames vs. Stars5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 1: Blackhawks vs. Golden Knights10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN

Wednesday, Aug. 12

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 1: Hurricanes vs. Bruins11 a.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 1: Islanders vs. Capitals3 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 1: Coyotes vs. Avalanche5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 1: Canadiens vs. Flyers8 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC
Game 1: Canucks vs. Blues10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC

Thursday, Aug. 13

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 2: Blue Jackets vs. Lightning3 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 2: Blackhawks vs. Golden Knights5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN360
Game 2: Hurricanes vs. Bruins8 p.m. ETNBSCN, SN, CBC
Game 2: Flames vs. Stars10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC

Friday, Aug. 14

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 2: Coyotes vs. Avalanche2 p.m. ETNHLN, SN, CBC
Game 2: Canadiens vs. Flyers3 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC
Game 2: Canucks vs. Blues6:30 p.m. ETNHLN, SN
Game 2: Islanders vs. Capitals8 p.m. ETNBCSN, FX-CA
Game 3: Stars vs. Flames10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC

Saturday, Aug. 15

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 3: Bruins vs. HurricanesNoon ETNBC, SN
Game 3: Avalanche vs. Coyotes3 p.m. ETCNBC, SN360
Game 3: Lightning vs. Blue Jackets7:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN360
Game 3: Golden Knights vs. Blackhawks8 p.m. ETNBC, SN, CBC
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Sunday, Aug. 16

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 3: Capitals vs. IslandersNoon ETUSA, SN360
Game 4: Stars vs. Flames2 p.m. ETCNBC, SN, CBC
Game 4: Golden Knights vs. Blackhawks6:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN1
Game 3: Flyers vs. Canadiens8 p.m. ETNBC, SN, CBC
Game 3: Blues vs. Canucks10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN

Monday, Aug. 17

MatchupTimeTV channel
Game 4: Lightning vs. Blue Jackets3 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN
Game 4: Avalanche vs. Coyotes5:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, FX-CA
Game 4: Bruins vs. Hurricanes8 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC
Game 4: Blues vs. Canucks10:30 p.m. ETNBCSN, SN, CBC

Tuesday, Aug. 18

MatchupTimeTV channel
*Game 5: Blackhawks vs. Golden KnightsTBDTBD
*Game 5: Flames vs. StarsTBDTBD
Game 4: Flyers vs. Canadiens3 p.m. ETNBCSN
Game 4: Capitals vs. Islanders8 p.m. ETNBCSN

Wednesday, Aug. 19

MatchupTimeTV channel
*Game 5: Canadiens vs. FlyersTBDTBD
*Game 5: Blue Jackets vs. LightningTBDTBD
*Game 5: Hurricanes vs. BruinsTBDTBD
*Game 5: Coyotes vs. AvalancheTBDTBD
*Game 5: Canucks vs. BluesTBDTBD

Thursday, Aug. 20

MatchupTimeTV channel
*Game 5: Islanders vs. CapitalsTBDTBD
*Game 6: Bruins vs. HurricanesTBDTBD
*Game 6: Golden Knights vs. BlackhawksTBDTBD
*Game 6: Stars vs. FlamesTBDTBD

Friday, Aug. 21

MatchupTimeTV channel
*Game 6: Flyers vs. CanadiensTBDTBD
*Game 6: Lightning vs. Blue JacketsTBDTBD
*Game 6: Avalanche vs. CoyotesTBDTBD
*Game 6: Blues vs. CanucksTBDTBD

Saturday, Aug. 22

MatchupTimeTV channel
*Game 7: Bue Jackets vs. LightningTBDTBD
*Game 6: Capitals vs. IslandersTBDTBD
*Game 7: Blackhawks vs. Golden KnightsTBDTBD
*Game 7: Flames vs. StarsTBDTBD

Sunday, Aug. 23

MatchupTimeTV channel
*Game 7: Canadiens vs. FlyersTBDTBD
*Game 7: Islanders vs. CapitalsTBDTBD
*Game 7: Hurricanes vs. BruinsTBDTBD
*Game 7: Coyotes vs. AvalancheTBDTBD
*Game 7: Canucks vs. BluesTBDTBD

Round 2: Aug. 24

Conference finals: Sept. 8 (tentative)

Stanley Cup Final: Sept. 22 (tentative)

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