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Nicola Sturgeon confirms there will be a formal review into Scottish care home failures

Scotland’s First Minister was quizzed on the decision during her daily coronavirus press conference. Ms Sturgeon admitted that with hindsight the Scottish Government may have made different decisions during the coronavirus pandemic including regarding care homes.   



Ms Sturgeon was asked: “You spoke earlier today about the decision to discharge hospital patients into care homes before they had been tested and said with hindsight you would have come to a different decision.

“Can you confirm if the Scottish Government will be having a formal review into this?”

Scotland’s First Minister replied: “What I said was with hindsight we may have come to different decisions on a range of things.

“I think that is particularly true in regards to a virus that we did not know very much about and have learned more about with every day that passes.

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Nicola Sturgeon has been Scotland’s First Minister for over five years (Image: BBC Scotland)

“I have no doubt that there will be inquiries and reviews into every aspect of this crisis and how the Government has handled it and I think that is right and proper.

“Care homes will be part of that review.

“The point I was making is it is very easy to apply hindsight right now and to say what we did then was completely wrong but if you think back to then we perhaps did not have many good choices.”

Earlier today Ms Sturgeon told BBC Breakfast that Boris Johnson had come to the wrong decision regarding Dominic Cummings, following the news that Mr Cummings travelled to Durham while showing coronavirus symptoms.

Ms Sturgeon added that the consequences of the Prime Minister’s decision to not reprimand his senior advisor are potentially “so serious”. 

Scotland’s First Minister said: “We all get things wrong me included but the responsibility of leadership is to try and do the right thing even if it is very difficult for your political position.

“I watched some of Boris’ press conference yesterday and I thought on some of the detailed questions about what happened he was less than forthcoming.

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“These are questions that he has to answer and ultimately come to a judgment, just as I had to come to a judgement when I faced a similar situation here.

“I think he has come to the wrong judgement.”

She continued: “The reason why that matters is that the consequences of this are so serious as we go into the next phases of lockdown.

“Trust in the advice we are giving and the reasons why we are giving that is really important.”

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