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Nicola Sturgeon humiliated: SNP’s embarrassing Brexit stunt exposed by baffled EU

The SNP admitted it hired Double Take Projections, based in Edinburgh, to set up the display, which showed the EU headquarters emblazoned with a neon blue and red light symbol. The lights projection featured a red heart in place of the letter ‘o’ in a cross-section of the words ‘Europe’ and ‘Scotland’.

The news will cause embarrassment for SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, who implied that the EU had set up the display, claiming the bloc had “left a light on” for Scotland in the wake of Brexit.

Tweeting an image of the building lit up, she wrote: “The EU Commission building in Brussels tonight (and if you look carefully you’ll see that they do appear to have left a light on for us!)”

Her statement was echoed by Peter Grant, Treasury spokesman for the SNP and former Europe spokesman at Westminster, who tweeted: “What a strange thing to do for a European commission that Labour and the Tories say doesn’t want Scotland back in.”

But a Commission spokesman said the EU was “obviously” not “involved in the light projected on the Berlaymont”.

He told The Times permission to put the light on the building had not been sought.

Nikos Chrysoloras, Bloomberg reporter, tweeted: “Commission tells me they were not involved in this. ‘Obviously,’ they add.

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He said: “It’s concerning to see elected representatives imply online that somehow the European commission were complicit with this, or had even orchestrated it.”

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Ms Sturgeon is ploughing ahead with her plans to drag Scotland out of the Union after Britain finally unshackled itself from the EU on January 31.

The SNP leader says she wants to hold an independence referendum by the end of 2020.

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