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Nicola Sturgeon rumbled: SNP mocked over independence campaign by MEP – ‘Rest easy'

One of the UK’s leading pollsters has warned Brexit has put the union at risk after another survey showed a narrow lead for Scottish independence. Sir John Curtice, of the University of Strathclyde, said the poll by Panelbase putting the yes vote at 52 percent confirmed a trend showing a gradual increase in support for leaving the union after Brexit. The SNP said were delighted with the shift in support and their deputy leader, Keith Brown, claimed the momentum for staging a fresh independence referendum, which has been repeatedly rejected by Boris Johnson, was now unstoppable.

Meanwhile, the UK Government is preparing initiatives to reduce support for independence and counter Nicola Sturgeon’s attacks on the Prime Minister’s tactics as his government negotiates a trade deal with the EU.

As a constitutional stand-off now seems more inevitable than ever, Italian MEP Antonio Maria Rinaldi told Express.co.uk the SNP was just “creating noise”.

He said: “Look, many here firmly believe that Scotland will never take the decision to leave the rest of the UK.

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“In my opinion, they are just trying to create noise to raise their bargaining power.

“As in ‘let me scream to get something’ but we all know very well that the Scots’ future is with the UK.

“Also, bare in mind, that the pressure is coming from the same people who for the last three and a half years told us that there were millions of people against Brexit.

“And that if there was a general election, a Remain party would win.

“I would rest easy.”

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