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Nicola Sturgeon warning: Independence ‘not a top priority’ for voters – SNP dealt blow

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s dreams of dragging Scotland out of the Union were not on the list for Scots more concerned about their health and the economy. Former senior figures in Ms Sturgeon’s own party, the SNP, found that the cause for Scottish independence trailed behind issues like the health, the economy, poverty, Brexit and the cost of living and education.



Survation found 14.8 percent of Scottish people were concerned about ripping Scotland from the UK, in comparison to the 57.2 percent of people who were concerned about the health and the NHS.

Fergus Mutch, the party’s former head of press at Holyrood, said it’s “hardly surprising that our future relationship with the EU remains a real and serious concern for so many people here in Scotland and across the UK”.

He told The Times: “Perhaps not surprisingly in the midst of a global pandemic people are most concerned about their health, but also for their job, their business and the wider economy.

Nicola Sturgeon has been delivered a blow (Image: GETTY )

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Survation found 14.8 percent of Scottish people were concerned about ripping Scotland from the UK (Image: GETTY )

“A no-deal exit from the Brexit transition period looms large in just five months.”

Research found 44.27 percent were concerned about the economy, 25.92 percent said their top concern was poverty and inequality, and 21.46 percent said the most important issue was Brexit and the EU.

It comes as pressure ramps up in recent months after two Panelbase polls put support for independence, when undecided voters are removed, at 54 percent, while also predicting the SNP will win a majority in next May’s Holyrood election.

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Boris Johnson has rejected Sturgeon’s bid for independence (Image: PA)

Meanwhile, the SNP’s Westminster leader has warned Scots will have the chance to vote in another referendum.

Ian Blackford warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he cannot be a “democracy denier” if the SNP win a majority in next year’s Holyrood election.

He was speaking the day after Mr Johnson visited Scotland, where he talked up the positives of the Union in Orkney and Moray and dismissed calls for Scottish independence.

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The SNP’s Westminster leader has warned Scots will have the chance to vote in another referendum. (Image: GETTY )

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Nicola Sturgeon has used Brexit to push her case for independence (Image: GETTY )

Mr Blackford told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme on Friday: “I’d simply say to Boris Johnson that he has to recognise the will of the people of Scotland and the expression of support that they’re giving to independence.

“What we will see next year in the elections is a very strong support for the SNP and for independence.

“Boris Johnson has to recognise that vote, he has to recognise democracy. He cannot be a democracy denier.

The SNP is plotting to drag Scotland out of the UK (Image: EXPRESS)

“We will win this argument, we will have that referendum in Scotland.

“Why is it right that we should be held in a union against the wishes of the people of Scotland?”

On Thursday morning, hours before he arrived in Orkney, Ms Sturgeon tweeted that the Prime Minister’s presence shows Scotland has “its future decided by politicians we didn’t vote for, taking us down a path we haven’t chosen”.

After the general election in December, in which the SNP won 48 seats, the Prime Minister rejected a request from Ms Sturgeon to grant the powers needed to hold another independence vote and he has repeatedly said since that he will not permit one.

Ms Sturgeon has recently hinted has hit the pause button on constitutional arguments, saying she is focused “100 percent on tackling COVID”.

She said the recent rise of support for independence in Scotland “maybe has a lesson in it for my own party”.

She told BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: ”At no point during this have I weighed my decisions on a political basis or a constitutional basis but… at a time when I and the SNP have not been talking about independence all the time but getting on with the job of autonomous decision making and trying to get the right decisions to get the county through a crisis, support for independence appears to have increased so maybe there is a bit of a lesson in there about show not tell.”

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