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Nicola Sturgeon warning: Pollster John Curtice exposes huge split among Scottish voters

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly called for Boris Johnson to grant Scotland the power to hold another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. Scotland previously held a referendum in 2014 where the country voted to remain part of the UK. Sir John told the BBC’s Politics Scotland that the country is “split down the middle” regarding another referendum.

Sir John said: “We have to bear in mind that Scotland at the moment is essentially split 50/50 on whether it is for or against independence.

“As already suggested if you are in favour of independence, in the end, you want a referendum and if you’re against independence you don’t want one.

“So a question that says ‘should we have a referendum during the Brexit negotiations?’ you only get about a quarter in favour of that.

“You then get another quarter or so that say they do think there should be a referendum once the Brexit negotiations are over.

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John Curtice has revealed that Scotland is split 50/50 on whether there should be another referendum (Image: BBC)

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John Curtice said there has been a shift towards indyref2 in the last two years (Image: BBC)

“Whether that means next week when Brexit has formally happened or they mean at the end of this year when we come out of the transition arrangement is debatable.

“The point is that around half of the population think that post Brexit at some point there should be a referendum.

“Only half take the opposite point of view.”

He continued: “Whereas two years ago it was clear that a majority were against having a referendum in that time frame.

“Now it is basically split 50/50.

“So it does look as though support for having a referendum at some point has gone up.

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“You could certainly argue that the country is more or less split down the middle on the idea of having a referendum in the not too distant future.”

Earlier this month during an interview with Express.co.uk former Labour MP George Galloway brilliantly outlined why it would be “catastrophic” for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom.

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The 2016 EU referendum result (Image: Express)

He said: “It would be catastrophic for Scotland on many levels.

“First of all on the currency level, Scotland would have to adopt the euro.

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“Scotland is currently running a deficit three times the permitted limit under the fiscal rules of the European Union.

“Which means that two thirds of Scotland’s deficit would have to be eliminated.

“Which could only be done by gigantic cuts in public services and massive redundancies.”

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