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Nicola Sturgeon's SNP savaged in furious rant against 'illiberal' party

Political commentator Brendan O’Neil took aim at Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP for their governing of Scotland. While on TalkRadio, Mr O’Neil argued Scotland had become the most illiberal Government in Western Europe. Mr O’Neil claimed the party was creeping towards authoritarianism by reconsidering what is deemed banned speech online.

This comes after the Scottish administration’s Hate Crime and Public Order Bill was introduced last week.

The aim of the bill is to considerably extend the category of banned speech.

On TalkRadio Mr O’Neil said: “Scotland freaks me out a little bit, I have to be honest.

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“Not the country or the people, I love Scotland and I think it is an amazing place with some fantastic people.

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“But their Scottish National Party does unnerve me.

“I think they are the most nanny-state and illiberal party in Western Europe as they do pass some extraordinary illiberal measures.”

Mr O’Neil went on to list some of the biggest issues he had with Ms Sturgeon’s party and their leadership.

He said: “The SNP want to control chants at football matches and they wanted to give every single child born in Scotland a state manager to guide them through life.

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