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Ninja, Alinity and xQc get into heated Twitter argument: 'Don’t you have another cat to abuse?'

Ninja, Alinity and xQc get into heated Twitter argument: 'Don’t you have another cat to abuse?' 1

Several of today’s top streamers got into a heated argument on Twitter that resulted in Ninja bringing up Alinity’s controversy with her cats.

This whole drama started because of comments xQc made Monday night on Twitch. He revealed that some streamers on Twitch get paid to do charity streams. Charity streams are exactly how they sound, a streamer will broadcast themselves (typically playing games) while allowing people to donate in an effort to raise charity.

But as xQc pointed out, some streamers earn money from doing a charity stream.

Warning: video contains explicit language

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This of course is not the case with all charity streams. Dr. Lupo, a friend of Ninja’s and another top streamer on Twitch, often does charity streams for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. In fact, earlier this month, Dr. Lupo raised $ 965,683.09 in his charity stream.

He wanted to make things clear on Tuesday that he has never been paid for one of his charity streams.

Dr. Lupo and xQc then had a brief exchange of clarification. xQc says he wasn’t implying that any of the top charities were involved in this, and Lupo came to a mutual understanding.

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This should have been where things ended. But then the drama began.

Jessica Blevins, the wife of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, chimed in later by calling xQc out. Then xQc became profane with his language, and everything erupted into insults.

After xQc used “sweetie” to refer to Blevins, she became upset and called the streamer out for being “sexist” and saying he doesn’t respect women. Ninja also came in to defend his wife and called xQc a “piece of s—.” Following all of the accusations of sexual misconduct around Twitch streamers this month, xQc thought that was in poor taste. 

As all of their name-calling and back-and-forth continued, esports reporter Rod Breslau joked, “this calls for xqc+adept vs ninja+jghosty 2v2 bo3 for charity.” 

That’s when Alinity joined in on the conversation, and she probably regrets doing so. After she had a simple joke about Ninja losing, he responded by saying, “Don’t you have another cat to abuse?” He was referring to a video that went viral last year of clips where Alinity was seen tossing her cat and giving it vodka. 

Alinity then called Ninja “the most toxic person in gaming.”

Ninja and Alinity

The drama mostly subsided following this interaction, but it was an interesting conversation between many of the most recognizable streamers.  

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