Ninja, Tfue respond to FNCS teaming scandal

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Ninja, Tfue respond to FNCS teaming scandal

The FNCS cheating debacle absolutely blew up with multiple popular opinions emerging. Here’s some of the top comments from notable creators

If you’ve been living under a rock for the few days, let me catch you up to speed. Four Fortnite pros Envy Bucke, Kreo, Slackes, and Keys colluded to trade storm tags for all six games of the finals. They got 1st and 2nd place respectively as a result

You can read up on the matter in our previous reporting

For this case, Epic Games would be less… forgiving, as a 60 day competitive ban was handed to all participants of the conspiracy to collude. A 14 day competitive ban was the previous precedent, after Xxif and Ronaldo colluded in 2019 to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup solo finals. The Fortnite team is putting their foot down and quadrupling down, in essence

Ninja was one of the first notable creators to give his take on the competitive landscape

Ninja’s opinion on the pro scene from r/FortniteCompetitive

Ninja offers respect for top players like Benjyfishy and Mongraal who don’t have to cheat because they’re “so good,” while simultaneously noting that the convicted cheaters are also too good to be cheating

He also points out the inconsistencies with Epic’s punishments. Faze Jarvis was handed a lifetime ban from the game in early 2020 after installing aimbot and using it in a public match. How should that compare to a 60 competitive ban where players conspired to ruin any glimmer of competitive integrity among players?

Tfue would follow up shortly with a comment of his own

In essence, he clowns on everybody that argues that 60 days is too long of a punishment. “If they only did it one time, I’d agree” he shouted. “But they did it for like 9 f**king games in a row!”

Tfue does bring up a good point that people aren’t considering. This wasn’t just an offshoot lapse of judgement. There was a premeditated planning around defrauding an entire tournament, filled with players that are playing the “legit way”

The broader competitive Esports community also took a shot at responding to the scandal

Felix “xQc” Lengyel was disappointed in the Fortnite community – and not just the competitors

xQc expressed grief in those that are openly defending someone who cheats. He reiterates the importance of competitive integrity as it’s “the foundation” of everything else in Esports. Don’t take it for granted

Another interesting development came from Joshua “Steel” Nissan (no, not the car). He was handed a hefty lifetime ban from all Valve sponsored Counter Strike competitions after colluding to fix a competitive game for financial gain. The ban was issued at the beginning of 2015 and hasn’t been lifted since

He mocks the entire Fortnite community with 3 words: “60 days hahahhahahahahahahahaha.“ Both scandals involved multiple players colluding for financial gain – with roughly the same monetary gain at the destination. We can argue the merits of how egregious each act was, but the end result is fact. The only tangible difference? A 2 month versus lifetime ban

Companies will enforce competitive integrity in their own ways. All I’m saying is Valve made a point that they would end your entire career if you even think of cheating, while Epic does barely shy of the opposite

We can all agree that cheating is bad. Hopefully some additional viewpoints can encourage competitive integrity, even if you could get away with cheating

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