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Nurse accuses 'jobsworth' of issuing massive parking fine for making this one mistake

The fines were issued after the nurse made one very simple error after leaving her night shift at Hull’s Royal Infirmary hospital. Parking fines were handed out to 58-year-old Karen Stockdale after she inputted her registration details incorrectly at a parking machine at Paragon Station.

Many parking machines require the motorist to enter all the digits of a registration plate correctly when entering a car park.

Images of the parking ticket seemed to show she had failed to input the last three characters which may have led to the fine being issued.  

However, Ms Stockdale says the machine should not have allocated the ticket if her registration was not correct and claimed a “jobsworth” were behind the charges.

She claims parking operators had initially accused her of not purchasing the ticket despite having a receipt.

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Karen Stockdale was hit with a £60 fine (Image: MEN)

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She paid the £2.50 parking charge before being issued with a later fine (Image: MEN)

After appealing to parking operators Smart Parking, the firm did acknowledge she had paid the charge.

The company decided to knock £20 off the initial bill but has still demanded the rest of the £60 parking fine.

She said: “I’m fuming. I was getting a train and I’d just come from a night shift at the hospital.

“I put money in and thought I’d put the digits in and the ticket came out. I got the ticket and put it in the car and thought nothing of it.

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“And then a few weeks later, I got the letter saying I was charged £60.”

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Ms Stockdale believes the case should now be dropped by the company because it was an honest mistake.

She has raised awareness of the issue in the hope the same incident does not happen to another motorist.

She added: “’ I’d normally just pay it but I’m that p***ed off about it. I put the time in and they have footage of the car but it’s just because I didn’t put three f****ing digits in the machine.

“It is a lot of money. I just think it is petty of them. I have a ticket. I spent £2.50 on it but it’s ended up costing me £40.”

A clear receipt was handed to Ms Stockdale as proof she had paid the original parking charge.

The receipt revealed she had paid the £2.50 parking charge in full at around 09:54 on 7 January this year.

Lauren Baber, solicitor at law firm Kitsons revealed in a blog post that private car parks often include registration rules in their terms and conditions.

She warns many car parks will specifically state entering a registration number incorrectly as a breach of the advertised conditions which could lead to fines.

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She added: “Therefore, even though a payment has been made and where there is no overstay, a parking fine of many hundreds of pounds is still issued. This practice is commonplace. 

“The issue that arises from this is that whilst on a strict interpretation there is a technical breach of contract (by the entering of an incorrect or incomplete registration) what is the loss flowing from the breach?”

Ms Baber said parking companies may be able to demonstrate a loss if motorists have overstayed in a car park.

However, car parks cannot claim they have lost income for a wrong registration number if the charge has been paid.

In a similar case in 2013, Parking Eye tried to argue a motorist owed a £100 fine for inputting their wrong details. deposit paying the standard parking charge.

However, a judge at Barnsley County Court ruled against the parking firm on the basis there was no loss suffered by the company. 

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