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OnePlus has a surprise announcement coming tomorrow and nobody knows what it’s about

OnePlus has a surprise announcement coming tomorrow and nobody knows what it’s about 1

Tomorrow OnePlus will reveal a new device that’s neither a phone nor a commercial product and fans are itching to see what’s in store.

Last month the Shenzhen firm’s UK Twitter account reached out for feedback from fans about a “special project” – it’s presumed this is exactly what OnePlus is planning to lift the lid on tomorrow.

The firm said: “We’re working on a special project (not a phone/commercial product!) and we’d love your thoughts on it.

“Reply to this tweet with waving hand emoji if you’re happy to give feedback, and we’ll DM a small number of you some photos.”

A couple of weeks later, OnePlus posted a teaser video for the “special project”, although it certainly doesn’t give much away.

The clip is mysterious and cryptic to say the least. It shows a bunch of mechanical parts from various angles and teases the date March 3 for a complete reveal.

There’s much speculation as to what the mechanical materials are actually for. We’re betting they have something to do with a new collaboration between the tech giant and British motor racing team McLaren.

However, the parts shown in the video also look like the internals of a watch from some angles. So really, all bets are off the table with this new announcement from OnePlus.

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The only thing that’s certain is this won’t be the OnePlus 8 series many Android fans are expecting to debut in the coming months.

OnePlus is certainly no stranger to showing off exciting new technologies in a concept form. After all, it was only back in January the firm announced the OnePlus Concept One – the first handset in the world to use colour-shifting glass technology allowing it to effectively hide its cameras from view.

The Chinese firm collaborated with McLaren to engineer the Concept One – the technology used is similar to that present in the racing team’s 720S luxury sports car that has a glass roof that can adjust its level of tint and the amount of light it lets through.

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