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OnePlus Nord leaked images give us best look yet at iPhone SE and Pixel 4A rival

Leaked pictures have emerged on the OnePlus Nord, an upcoming iPhone SE and Pixel 4A rival (Image: ONEPLUS)

The Shenzhen-based firm has been keeping their next handset – the OnePlus Nord – heavily under wraps ahead of its launch on July 21. But anticipation is sky-high for the phone, with OnePlus returning to their cost-conscious roots with the Nord set to debut with a sub $ 500 price point. This easy-on-the-wallet price tag – coupled a staggering rumoured spec sheet – has seen pre-orders for the OnePlus Nord sell out in no time at all.

We’ve still got plenty more to find out about the OnePlus Nord, which will surely give similarly priced rivals like the iPhone SE and Pixel 4A plenty to think about.

And ahead of the launch of the OnePlus Nord fans have got their best look yet at the upcoming Android handset.

As reported on in a post by Tom’s Guide, famed leaker Evan Blass has revealed renders of the OnePlus Nord, showcasing the device’s front and back.

And the leaked images, shared on Blass’s subscriber-only Patreon page, appears to confirm a number of the rumours that have been swirling around the OnePlus Nord.

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First up let’s look at the front of the device, with Blass’s leaked image showing the Nord will sport a dual-selfie camera set-up which is housed in a twin punch hole.

It’s believed the front-facing cameras will be a pairing of a 32MP main sensor and an 8MP ultrawide sensor.

This is rare to find on any kind of smartphone, let alone one at the price that the OnePlus Nord is launching at.

Elsewhere, the leaked image of the back of the phone shows OnePlus are moving their rear camera from their typical central location to the top left corner.

The OnePlus Nord’s rear camera is rumoured to feature a 48MP main sensor coupled with 8MP ultrawide, 5MP macro and 2MP depth sensors.

The OnePlus Nord pictured in Blass’s leaked images come in a sleek and smart black design.

Leaked pictures of the OnePlus Nord have emerged courtesy of Evan Blass (Image: EVAN BLASS)

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But the promotional material that OnePlus has been revealing so far for the Nord could also be hinting at one model coming in a vibrant blue colour scheme.

Elsewhere, the official OnePlus Nord Instagram page has confirmed one feature of the upcoming handset.

The Insta shared a tinkered with meme of DC comics sidekick Robin getting slapped by Batman after talking up the benefits of LCD displays.

The Dark Knight responds to Dick Grayson’s suggestion that “LCD Displays are more affordable” by saying “AMOLED all the way”.

And alongside the Instagram post OnePlus said: “Making a more affordable OnePlus smartphone had its challenges and required us to make a number of tough decisions.

“But compromising on display wasn’t one of them. Sorry Robin. #OnePlusNord”.

Besides having an AMOLED screen, the OnePlus Nord is rumoured to support 5G Networks and will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G chipset.

The OnePlus Nord is set to be revealed fully on Tuesday July 21 in a digital event which has been dubbed “the world’s first AR smartphone launch”.

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