Outlander season 5 book theory: Ending revealed with introduction of MAJOR new character?

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Outlander season 5 book theory: Ending revealed with introduction of MAJOR new character?

Outlander season five is only weeks away, and fans are sharing their thoughts about how writer Diana Gabaldon’s hugely-popular book The Fiery Cross will be translated. Taking to share their thoughts on Reddit, fan Nooooooel began: “I’m wrapping up a reread of The Fiery Cross and A Breath of Snow And Ash and can’t wait to see what’s included. “From what’s been released thus far, book readers have a very general sense of the ‘big event’ that will happen to Claire within the last few episodes.

“If our speculations are correct, I think it would be absolutely brilliant if the season ends with the introduction of Donner, saying ‘Does the name ‘Ringo Starr’ mean anything to you?’ Thoughts??”

toufertoufer was panicked by the possibility of joining any of the plots together however.

The fan replied: “If they squish those two books into 12 dinky episodes, I will stop watching the show.”

throwawayonemore78 went on: “The abduction happens in the first quarter of ABOSAA.

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“If they skip most of the gathering they could fit it in as a final episode.

“In terms of plot points in TFC there’s the gathering, the Beardsley’s, alamance/Roger’s hanging, Jocasta’s wedding/Bonnet/French gold and not much else.

“It could be a great way to end it on a cliffhanger.

“There is a lot of day to day in TFC which probably wouldn’t be good for tv without the internal monologue that happens in the books. Ok, I’m half convinced.”

exmos_gf exclaimed: “Me, too! I know that there is a bunch of speculation around it being Claire’s kidnapping.

“But there’s also the whole storyline with Claire’s poisoning by Malva and the devastating accusation towards Jamie…

“There are bits from the trailer(s) that support the inclusion of the latter option, but either would be really hard.”

“Yes, I was also imagining that that would be the final line of the season,” fellow fan dylanskie continued. “But I feel like the storyline needs resolution first.

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