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Outlander season 5: Jamie Fraser to kill Murtagh? Fans spot worrying book clue

Starz began adapting Diana Gabaldon’s epic series of novels in 2014, and dedicated viewers have trawled through the original Outlander books for any pointers about what’s to come in the upcoming season. 

BBC’s Doctor Who may have the upper hand on shocking time travel twists after its last episode but Outlander’s expansive historical action and unconventional romance between a WWII nurse, Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan), an 18th Century Highland warrior, is about to show the Time Lord how it’s done. 

True fans of the series will know The Fiery Cross, the book the upcoming season is set to adapt, features the conclusions of several major plot threads.

One fan took to Reddit to highlight a potential clue stemming from the series’ apparently wonky timeline.

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Redditor silverandcold65 said: “Didn’t Claire, on the show, return to the past maybe two years before she did in the books?

“I feel certain Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) will die in the season five finale, probably at Jamie’s hand.”

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Each book averages out at around 800 pages and with multiple timelines being juggled it’s easy to see how some details can frequently get lost in the shuffle.

Still, this doesn’t negate the fact Jamie’s hunt for Murtagh will need to go ahead if he’s to retain his favour with the royal governor of North Carolina, William Tryon.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, actor Sam confirmed the finale could be “tough to watch” for certain fans, stirring the rumours Murtagh could die at Jamie’s hand.

Another Redditor commented: “When Sam referred to the finale my first thought went to Murtagh because that would definitely be tough to watch.”

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