Home Gaming Over a of us are giant in Grounded

Over a of us are giant in Grounded

Early access game clocks up one players in two days.

Obsidian’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids-style survival game has clocked up over a players in just two days.

Announcing the achievement on Twitter, developer Obsidian also took time to celebrate the milestone with the news that, starting from 27th August, 2020, monthly updates will be deployed for the pint-sized playground.

has reached 1 players in the first 48 hours! Thank you everyone! YOU are the reason we are having as much [fun] as we are, and without you we wouldn’t be here! To show his thanks, ’s Game Director, Adam Brennecke, has a special message.”

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Don’t forget that players uneasy at the sight of its enormous spider enemies (read: me) are able to tweak the size and look of the horrible things with ’s arachnophobia mode. The option, which can be found within the game’s settings, can be toggled on at any time and increased over five levels until you find a spider setting you feel comfortable with.

As Tom explained at the time, the aim is not to make the game easier – spider enemies will always be present, and tough to defeat. Instead, the option modifies their visual appearance to remove their spindly, hairy little legs and then blobify their bodies until they are no longer spider-like in appearance.

Bertie’s spent some time with his fun-sized friends in , a base-building game like Minecraft where you gather materials from the tiny-big environment around you, felling blades of grass the size of trees for example, and then turn them into a wide array of different things. The more materials you analyse at a research station, the more options you unlock, and there seem to be a lot, from stuffed mite pillows to slime sconces and mushroom gardens.

is out now in early access on PC and Xbox One.

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