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'Pathetic man!' Piers hits out at Terry Christian in Brexit row for 'wishing OAPs dead'

Piers Morgan was forced to shut down ‘remoaner’ Terry Christian in a dramatic Brexit clash this morning, branding him a ‘pathetic man’ live on Good Morning Britain. Terry, who is a staunch remainer, didn’t give Piers, Susanna or fellow guest Mark Francois the chance to weigh in on the issue as he argued Brexit would be the end of the UK and labelling Brexiteers as ‘cretins’. Needless to say, Piers had plenty to say in response.

In rather chaotic scenes this morning, Piers Morgan was forced to shut down Terry Christian after confronting him about a number of tweets regarding his views on Brexit. 

The tweets from Terry implied that a lot of old aged pensioners will die this year because of the UK leaving the EU. 

Piers made it clear the tweets had since been deleted, but this didn’t stop Terry from telling the studio he agreed with the statement before seesawing and saying he had never implied it in the first place. 

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At the end of the conversation Piers was forced to step in telling Terry: “We have heard enough.”

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Susanna was forced to shout over the men, she said: “I thought these arguments had all been settled and I was really excited to hear from Mark telling us all the positive benefits we are going to get.

“And unfortunately we have just had a shouting match -” she was once again spoken over and Terry shouted: “It’s lofty statesmanship.”

Piers butted in: “I’ve just seen a tweet from Lord Adonis, another remoaner, saying he will never ever use one of the 50p pieces that had Brexit on.”

He lashed out: “Grow up you big baby, learn how to lose.”

“Not this pathetic man” gesturing to Terry who he then mocked. 

Terry replied: “The rest of the world looks at the United Kingdom with contempt.”

Piersd, citing a tweet from the remainer, which said “let’s hope i’s a good virulent strain (of flu) this year”, interrupted: “They look at people like you with contempt Terry when you say OAP should die because they voted Brexit. We’ve heard enough.”

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