Home World Pegasus plane crash: Latest as passenger jet bursts into flames in Turkey

Pegasus plane crash: Latest as passenger jet bursts into flames in Turkey

A Pegasus plane in Turkey has been involved in a devastating crash which saw the aircraft snapped into three pieces as it careered off the runway. Television footage at the scene revealed the shocking incident, but what is the latest on the plane crash?



A Boeing 737-800 plane, belonging to Pegasus Airlines, skidded in the wet weather at Istanbul’s airport in Turkey on Wednesday.

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The flight, Pegasus #PC2193, was flying into Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport from Izmir when it crashed.

Television footage of the crash revealed serious damage had been done to the fuselage as a result of the crash.

The fuselage appears in the footage to have been broken into three pieces.

Pegasus plane crash: What is the latest news on the Pegasus plane crash? (Image: TWITTER)

Pegasus plane crash: The damage to the plane apparently showing it split into three parts (Image: ANADOLU)

The plane was thought to be carrying 177∂ passengers and six crew members, some of whom have been injured but reportedly none have been killed.

According to the latest reports, 52 people in total have suffered from injuries.

Following the crash several passengers were seen being evacuated through cracks in the plane.

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Transportation Minister Mehmet Cahit Turha told CNN Turkey there were 175 adults, two children and six crew on the flight.

The Transport Minister added that most passengers had managed to leave the plane themselves following the incident, and the rest still aboard were being helped by emergency crews.

Pegasus plane crash: Flight details for the Pegasus Airlines plane crash in Turkey on Wednesday (Image: FLIGHT RADAR 24)

NTV television reported that the plane caught fire after skidding, but said it had been extinguished.

Mr Turha added that emergency crews were still evacuating some passengers from the wreck, but most had evacuated themselves.

The Minister said the airport has been closed down and flights were being diverted to Istanbul’s main airport.

Additionally, the ministry said the accident was the result of a “rough landing”.

Live footage from the crash site shows rescue crews surrounding the now-wrecked fuselage of the Pegasus Airlines aircraft.

Dozens of emergency response personnel were taking passengers out of the plane and carrying them away on stretchers at the scene.

Masses of people appear to be shining torches over the plane, in an apparent attempt to check for any remaining passengers on the aircraft.

Additionally, the plane is surrounded by flashing lights and blaring sirens.

Paramedics are also on the scene with stretchers and appear to be attempting to make a rescue from the wreckage.

Pegasus plane crash: In total 177 passengers and six crew members were on board the Pegasus plane (Image: TWITTER)

An expert has speculated that the wet weather may have caused the incident.

Turkey’s Pilots Association President Necmi Ekici said the incident may have occurred because there was no time to clear the water accumulated on the runway, according to Turkish media.

It is reportedly the second time in a month that a passenger plane of the same company has skidded off the runway at Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

The airport has been closed and an investigation launched.

The news of the crash comes just hours after the country experienced an avalanche which tragically saw 21 people killed.

Rescuers were called out initially after two people and a minibus were buried under the snow in Bahcesaray, eastern Turkey.

During the rescue attempt, a second avalanche buried more than 50 members of the search and rescue team.


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