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Peter Kay's Car Share: Comedian's frustration with Sian Gibson exposed



After the conclusion of ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’ in 2018, fans were so dismayed and frustrated by the ending that an online petition was set up to relaunch the show – which received more than 100,000 signatures. 

Kay revealed that he was “overwhelmed” by the response from fans but that there was no plan for a third series – however, a one-off episode was later released.

He told the British Comedy Guide: “Hopefully it gave the characters a resolve, and I thought let’s hold this back until the repeat of the second series. 

“It was hard to keep it a secret after the reaction we got, but we never said that there wouldn’t be any more ‘Car Share’… we just said there wouldn’t be a third series.”

When asked about what they missed the most about filming the series, Gibson gushed: “I’ll miss all the fun we have filming, but as I see Peter all the time, it doesn’t feel like they’ve gone away.”

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Car Share news: Peter Kay and Sian Gibson starred in the BBC sitcom as John and Kayleigh (Image: GETTY / BBC)

Peter Kay news: Car Share star made a rare TV appearance for BBC’s The Big Night In (Image: BBC)

Kay fired back that they didn’t see each other “all the time” before his co-star clarified that they “speak nearly every day”.

In response, he moaned: “We do, but I haven’t been over to your house in ages.”

As tensions seemed to rise, Gibson claimed that she preferred to visit him, and he vented in response: “I know, ‘cause you get waited on hand and foot!

“How many salmon stir-fries did I make when we were writing?”

His co-star quipped “How should I know?” before Kay added that he couldn’t miss their characters John and Kayleigh because they “we’re right here!” – the same in real life.

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Peter Kay news: Star wrote two series of Car Share for the BBC with Sian Gibson (Image: BBC)

Gibson continued to reveal that she loved acting but “really enjoyed writing the series” – when she would regularly meet at co-writer Paul Coleman’s or Kay’s homes to “have something to eat”.

He joked about her reference to “salmon stir-fry again” before she quizzed: “What’s the big deal?”

Kay added: “Hold on, how many times did Paul and me come writing at your house?”

While Gibson protested that they did “tonnes” and “loads of times”, Kay revealed that wasn’t the case when he said: “How about never!”

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She added: “Well it was nice for me to have a day out and come over and see you both. Anyway we got it written didn’t we?”

He said: “We did. I love the whole process, from start to finish, but editing is my favourite.”

When asked if ‘Peter Kay’s Car Share’ was truly over, Gibson teased “never say never” only for Kay to quip: “Well, unless you’re waiting on an invite to Sian’s house!”

Source Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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