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'Physical superiority' by who is 'treating his dad like an parent'

Judi said: “For more formal pics the two future kings have often been either seated or with Charles on a higher step to make their height and status look even, but is allowed to tower over his father here and his puffed chest and his casual hand in his pocket add to the look of physical superiority.

“He is also the one instigating the touch here by throwing one arm around his father’s shoulders and the way he digs his fingers into the right shoulder suggests both firmness and a desire to emphasise his feelings of affection.

“His raised chin and his open-mouthed smile to the camera suggest he’s enjoying treating his dad like a rather sweet parent and this in turn suggests some loving teasing between the two.”

sadly has not seen his father in person for quite some time.

and his family, including his children, George, six, Charlotte, five, and Louis, two, are spending lockdown in their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall.

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