Home Science Physics bombshell: ‘Quarks may not exist’ claims ‘New Ultimate Theory’ expert

Physics bombshell: ‘Quarks may not exist’ claims ‘New Ultimate Theory’ expert

Quarks are commonly considered by physicists as the very building blocks of reality. But even quarks’ greatest champions admit they are extremely bizarre entities.



Quarks are believed to have almost-unintelligible quantum properties called flavour and spin.

This unified field theory stumped even Albert Einstein, who worked on it for the last three decades of his life, with no success

Kwan Chiang

They are also considered to crave each other’s company, clustering together in pairs or triplets.

And quarks also boast an extraordinary form of charge that comes not in the traditional positive or negative variety, but in colours.

However, physicist Kwan Chiang has now announced in a new study how quarks may not exist at all.

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Physics news: ‘Quarks may not exist’ an expert has announced (Image: Getty)

Physics news: Quarks may actually be an illusion (Image: Getty)

According to Mr Chiang, who has an MSc in Mathematical Physics from the University of Birmingham, quarks may instead be an illusion.

He said: “Researchers have attempted to describe all the fundamental forces (or fields) of nature in a single theory.

“This unified field theory stumped even Albert Einstein, who worked on it for the last three decades of his life, with no success.”

The dawn of the new physics in the 1950s saw the discovery of many new particles.

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This resulted in a scientific consensus suggesting the particle spectrum should reflect the symmetry of spacetime.

Physics news: Quarks are commonly considered by physicists as the very building blocks of reality (Image: Getty)

However, because the four dimensions of spacetime are apparently unable to account for the particles observed, such as protons and neutrons, phenomena such as internal symmetry and micro dimensions were proposed.

Internal symmetry is defined as the only invariant in a certain region of spacetime, while micro dimensions are thought to relate to strong theory.

However, these micro-dimensions were never observed, Mr Chiang argues.

He said: “Today, particle physics is based on the Standard Model which is patched up from many models or theories, such as the quark model, the bag model, electroweak theory and quantum chromodynamics.

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“While the Standard Model meets experimental verifications, it is very complex – if any parameter in the model is varied by just a tiny fraction, the world wouldn’t exist.

“String theory is also going nowhere following decades of research.”

In his new paper, Mr Chiang argues that although the four-dimensional spacetime appears incapable of accounting for the particle spectrum, its internal structure is rich enough to account for the complete particle spectrum, rendering micro dimensions redundant.

The physicist said: “There ‘must’ be fields rotating in solid (3D) angles between planes.

Physics news: Quarks are believed to boast an extraordinary form of charge (Image: Getty)

“These fields are conjectured to be ‘classical’ weak fields.

“This means rotations can run between planes instead of between lines, hence causing symmetry without micro-dimensions.

“Solid angle rotations between six or 10 planes (of the 4D or 5D spacetime) are SO(6)~SU(4) or SO(10)~SU(5) symmetries, which matches particle spectrum without quarks.

“Similarly, there are 4D and 5D angle rotations, which are responsible for CP-violation and strong fields and baryon and lepton numbers.”

If true, this controversial theory has profound implications for physics.

In addition to explaining why micro dimensions are unobserved, the theory also solves many other mysteries.

Most significant of all, this has been hailed as the ultimate Unified Field Theory, because it suggests all forces are from a unified origin.

The experimental researcher thinks this is a simplified, integral, non patched-up theory with the complete particle spectrum embedded highly economically in just five dimensions.

And because these forces are closely imitating electromagnetism, the same elegance and accuracy of electromagnetism is anticipated for them.

Mr Chiang added: “It is not just an ideal theory of beauty, there is actually evidence of fields running in the internal structure behind spacetime, since the spacetime would not be flat otherwise.

“It may also explain why protons do not decay.”

Source:Daily Express :: Science Feed

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