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Piers Morgan accuses expert of 'race-baiting' as furious GMB row erupts – 'You are wrong!'

Piers Morgan accuses expert of 'race-baiting' as furious GMB row erupts - 'You are wrong!' 1

Piers Morgan clashed with Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu on Good Morning Britain as the pair discussed the treatment of Meghan Markle in the British press after falling in love with Prince Harry and marrying into the Royal Family. However, the GMB host wasn’t happy with Shola’s argument the treatment is racist and accused the lawyer of “race-baiting”.

Piers began: “Dr Shola, let’s start with you because I’ve watched you over the airwaves for the last four or five days.

“This is all racism, Meghan’s been treated despicably by a racist press.

“Britain is racist, that’s what driven her out, it’s all racism.

“To which I say, what I think Phil and Holly tried to put to you yesterday before you howled them down.”

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“Where is this racism that you keep talking about?” the ITV host asked. 

“Where are the ghastly tabloids that you say have been driving this racist agenda against a woman who, as far as I’m aware because I read all the papers, lauded and welcomed her for the first 18 months as a breath of fresh air bringing a multi-racial aspect finally to an all-white Royal Family. Where is this racism?”

Shola answered: “Okay, so if you had paid attention to the interviews that I’d done then you would have the answer.”

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Interjecting, Piers said: “You keep saying, where have you been the last two years?”

Talking over Shola, Piers continued: “So you’re allowed to be nasty and vile, you’re allowed to say it’s all racism, you’re allowed to call people like me racist.”

Shola responded: “[You out] bigotry, misogyny, sexism out there and you’re taking responsibility for how you have contributed to the so-called royal crisis.”

Moments later, Piers hit out and said: “I would like you when you say things like ‘It’s racist media’ and Britain has been racist… What you haven’t done is say what.”

Shola hit back: “That’s a lie because I have, I have mentioned the racist and inflammatory language, I’ve mentioned the bigotry, I’ve mentioned the ignorance, I’ve mentioned the racist behaviour.

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