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Piers Morgan blasts covid-deniers after hitting back at son 'Special kind of stupid!'

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, 55, is no stranger to expressing his thoughts about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on his Twitter page and his recent post was no different. The presenter blasted people who believe the coronavirus isn’t real or isn’t as critical as stated.



Taking to his Twitter page with 7.6 million followers, he wrote: “Covid-deniers are a special kind of stupid, aren’t they?

“In just a few weeks, the virus killed more people in the UK than the total number of civilian casualties here during 6yrs of WW2.

“But apparently it’s ‘a hoax’ or it’s been ‘exaggerated’, or ‘it’s not as bad as the flu’.”

Piers’ comment prompted many of his followers to share their thoughts.

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Piers Morgan blasted covid-deniers in a Twitter rant after querying his son’s comment (Image: ITV•GETTY)

Piers Morgan blasted people who believe the coronavirus is a hoax (Image: TWITTER•PIERSMORGAN)

One user wrote: “Totally agree with you. I think those people haven’t seen what it does.

“I doubt anyone in the NHS would call it a hoax and I am positive what they had to see has left a lasting scar in their hearts.”

The presenter replied: “I’ve talked to many people who worked on Covid wards.

“If anything, the media’s understated the horror of what these heroes have had to deal with this year.”

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Piers Morgan queried his son Spencer’s comment about a new coronavirus report (Image: TWITTER•PIERSMORGAN•SPENCERMORGAN)

Piers Morgan with his son Spencer (Image: INSTAGRAM•PIERSMORGAN)

“Statistically it’s not worse than the flu though,” a second commented.

A third penned: “Maybe we don’t have exact figures, but it’s clear that there have been several thousand excess deaths this year and many of those have tested positive for Covid.

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“It is very clear it is a dangerous virus, and we don’t have effective treatment for it.”

Figures state that over 22 million people have contracted the deadly disease worldwide, with 792,000 dying after testing positive.

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To date, 267,000 UK residents have contracted the virus and there has been over 41,000 deaths.

Piers’ tweet comes after he queried his son Spencer’s comment about a report which claimed 14 Covid-19 new cases had been recorded at 12 Premier League clubs since a return to training last weekend.

Reacting to the news, Piers’ 26-year-old son wrote: “Good thing it poses absolutely no threat to them whatsoever.”

The presenter replied: “What about the threat to older members of club staff?

“Or the players’ older relatives? Or indeed any older person they’ve come into contact with since they got infected?

“Young healthy people need to stop acting like the virus is irrelevant because it doesn’t kill them.”

Many Twitter users swiftly flocked to the post to share their thoughts.

One user wrote: “Good to see you argue with your son too. Hahaha.”

“I’ve always encouraged my children to be their own people & speak their own minds,” Piers replied. 

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