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Piers Morgan coronavirus fears: GMB hosts pleads with fans to take warnings 'seriously'

Piers Morgan has expressed his concerns over the coronavirus and has warned people the virus is “serious” as he shared his thoughts on Twitter.

The Good Morning Britain presenter who first mocked Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow for self-isolating himself for safety reasons, has now confessed he has fears over the deadly virus.

Piers wrote to his 7.1 million followers: “I keep hearing people say ‘stop scare-mongering about coronavirus, it only kills the elderly & those with an underlying illness’ – as if somehow we shouldn’t care about them.”

He then continued: “Well sorry, I do. And it’s time everyone stopped being complacent about this – it’s serious.”

Soon after the host explained his concerns, Piers’ tweet was flooded with responses, as his followers agreed people should care more about the victims.

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One said to Piers: “For once I agree with Piers Morgan. The way the press are explaining away deaths because of “underlying medical conditions” is cold-hearted.

“These people are someone’s parents or grandparents. Their deaths count as much as every other”, they continued.

Someone else said: “Seasonal flu has already killed more elderly than this new virus. But no one seems too bothered about those victims.”

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However, one accused Piers of adding to the panic: “Flu kills many more people every year, you’re only adding to the panic that makes people stockpile which makes things even worse.”

He shared his article on Twitter with the caption: “*NEW: Coronavirus is a devastating threat to the world. Leaders like President Trump & Prime Minister Johnson must take harder action fast – or face the consequences of complacent inaction.”

One wrote to the GMB host: “Flu kills many, many thousands more every year.”

Piers also recently opened up on his fears as the cases are continuing to increase over the world.

He wrote: “Two weeks ago, Italy had 11 cases of coronavirus. Today, it reported 778 new cases & 49 new deaths, raising its total to 4,636 cases & 197 dead.”

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