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Piers Morgan: GMB host addresses 'massive loss' behind the scenes on ITV show

Piers Morgan: GMB host addresses 'massive loss' behind the scenes on ITV show 1

Piers Morgan, 53, isn’t usually one for being sentimental, but today was different. Amid his usual opinionated posts, he wrote a sweet message on Instagram to the Good Morning Britain “rock star editor”, Winnie Nelson.

In view of his 857,000 followers, Piers’ lengthy tribute to the production executive went down a treat with fans.

“Behind every great bickering TV married couple, there’s a small army of brilliant production people that make it all happen,” he penned.

“I’ve worked with Winnie Nelson for nearly 10 years, half at CNN in New York, half at GMB in London.

“And today we finally part as she heads off for an exciting new job with NBC. “Their massive gain is our massive loss,” he said.

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“She’s a rock star editor, producer, fixer & miracle worker. And she’s a fabulously loyal colleague & friend too.

“Thanks for everything Winnie and good luck!”

And, it didn’t stop there as it wasn’t his only heartfelt message yesterday.

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The two ITV anchors dedicated a small segment of the show to Winnie this morning, where Susanna Reid began by saying: “We just want to say a very special message to a member of our team.

Addressing her directly, Piers added: “Winnie, you’ve been on all the great hits we’ve had.

“When I was interviewing Donald Trump there you have been, standing at air force one, the Churchill war rooms.

“It has been fantastic to have you. I can’t believe you’re leaving. It’s incredibly sad.

“You’re a brilliant, brilliant TV executive, and now I’m going to give you the mic.”

Winnie simply replied: “It has been an honour working with you. The world has gone nuts!”

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