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Piers Morgan: GMB host and wife Celia burgled while asleep in holiday villa

She found that her handbag was “upside-down” and her jewellery box was “empty”.

To Celia’s horror, it felt as though the room had only “recently been vacated” by whoever had ransacked it.

She wrote: “I was the first up, but the air felt different, as though something or someone fast-moving and violent had passed through it. 

“It felt like a room that had only recently been vacated.

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“This made sense later. The burglars would have left 15 minutes earlier, the French police estimated.”

The thieves took with them Celia’s wallet but left in their wake a trail of loose change and membership cards.

However, one particular thing that made the columnist feel “sick” was seeing her handbag turned upside down in the living room, when it had initially been in her bedroom.

This positioning of the bag would have meant the burglars were in the couple’s room while they slept unaware.

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The 44-year-old divulged that the jewellery was not particularly expensive, but held great sentimental value that can not be replaced.

The police explained that the robbers were only after “jewellery and cash” as mobile phones and laptops are too easy for authorities to trace.

Further on in her column, Celia revealed that the South Of France has become a haven for criminals, who often target the rich and wealthy that visit the area.

Back in the early noughties, she said holidaymakers were often “gassed” as they slept in their luxury holiday rentals.

Stars including Trinny Woodall and Richard Hammond had been knocked out as they slept through gas pumped into their air conditioning vents while in the area.

However police assured Celia that gassings have not happened in recent times, but tech-savvy burglars are now using drones to survey buildings before they strike.

Celia admitted she had seen a drone in the garden of their rental villa just “a week” before the couple were robbed.

Her husband, Piers, is yet to formally address the matter.

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