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Piers Morgan: ITV host brands rival show ‘torture’ as fans call for him to return to GMB

Piers Morgan, 53, responded to fans that were calling for him to come back to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, after the star spent this week in Texas filming a new documentary. Ex BBC host Bill Turnbull, stepped in to replace Piers at the beginning of the week, and although many were pleased to see the familiar face back on TV screens following his cancer diagnosis, others are looking forward to seeing the outspoken presenter return to his regular position.

Some viewers revealed they had switched over to the rival BBC Breakfast show because they were “bored” without Piers’ rants to keep them entertained.

Taking to Twitter, one fan pleaded for the 54-year-old to return as soon as possible, alongside Susanna Reid.

“@piersmorgan when are you back. Mornings are so booooring. Even flicked over to @BBCBreakfast @mrdanwalker. Can’t cope,” the user moaned.

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Others agreed, with another typing: “I did too, soo boring. I’ve been catching up on Death in Paradise as my breakfast TV these past couple weeks.”

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“@piersmorgan are you definitely back on Monday? Don’t want to tune in and be disappointed. It’s not the same without you,” a third begged.

Piers was quick to respond with a smug reply, happy that his nemesis Dan Walker had been snubbed in the process.

“My God, nobody should have to endure such torture. Hang on in there Stuart, I’m back Monday,” he wrote, jokingly taking a swipe at BBC Breakfast.

As the user had tagged Dan in his tweet, the BBC presenter also got involved, mocking the viewer.

With his pointed opinions, Piers often draws headlines and viewers tune in to see him lose his head over such things as a vegan sausage roll.

And, as figures revealed late last year, GMB has seen a seven per cent increase in viewers over the past two years.

So, it was only a matter of time that he rubbed it in Dan’s face that he is more popular with viewers, in whatever light.

BBC Breakfast, who take a slightly different approach to reporting the day’s breaking news and current affairs, still draws in more viewers each morning that it’s rival.

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