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Piers Morgan slammed as Bill Turnbull takes swipe at Good Morning Britain host

Bill has joined Susanna Reid for the first three instalments of Good Morning Britain this week and it seems he’s already making the show his own as he took a swipe at Piers Morgan early on. The presenter also appears to be a hit with viewers with many claiming he should replace Piers permanently.

The BBC Breakfast presenter stood down from his role in 2016 and hasn’t hosted any show until yesterday. 

During his time off-air, the veteran broadcaster has been battling prostate cancer and receiving treatment. 

However, Bill sent viewers into meltdown yesterday when he returned to the screen with co-host Susanna who made the move to Good Morning Britain in 2014. 

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But today the gloves came off as Bill took a swipe at Piers and the size of his head.

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“Well, he’s not around at all this week, is he? Good morning Piers. Loving your work.” Bill continued. 

Susanna interrupted to make it clear Piers is always watching. 

This wasn’t the only swipe at the Good Morning Britain presenter, later in the programme Bill made a point of proving the show has run on time since he’s been back. 

When they came back from a break, Bill said: “If I’ve done one thing on this programme, it is to get it back running on time. Good Morning Britain it’s just gone seven o’clock.”

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