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Piers Morgan slams Dominic Cummings’ 'eyesight' claim: ‘What a load of f**king b******s’

“We walked about 10-15 metres from the car to the riverbank nearby. We sat there for about 15 minutes – we had no interactions with anybody,” he added.

Piers criticised Dominic’s claims about his eyesight in a series of tweets, with the first saying: “Oh what a load of f**king b******s.. he drove 30 miles to the castle to check his eyesight??! Shut up Cummings, we’re not mugs.”

The outspoken journalist then asked in a later post: “If his eyesight was damaged, why was he driving a car? #cummings.”

Piers went on to add in a separate tweet: “If you were ‘testing your eyesight’, why would you put your four-year-old child in the car for an hour when by then it was OK for him to stay with family?”

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