Home Celebrity Piers Morgan wife: Who is Piers Morgan married to?

Piers Morgan wife: Who is Piers Morgan married to?

Outspoken TV host Piers Morgan appears alongside Sussana Reid on Good Morning Britain each morning. But what is known about Piers’ life behind the camera?



Who is Piers Morgan married to?

Piers Morgan and his wife Celia Walden got married in 2010.

Celia is a British journalist, novelist, and critic, having previously written for The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Evening Standard.

Piers has previously spoken of how the pair first met to Amanda Holden on Heart FM.

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Piers Morgan wife: Who is Piers Morgan married to? (Image: GETTY)

Piers Morgan wife: Piers and Celia tied the knot in 2010. (Image: GETTY)

Piers said: “I was doing a speech in front of 1,000 people – magazine editors – in some fancy hotel in Mayfair and I absolutely died on my backside to the extent that they were openly jeering me, and the only person that was laughing was Celia, who I’d never met, and I went ‘who’s that?

“She said ‘that just bombed’, and I said, ‘I thought that was hilarious’, but she was laughing really at my discomfort.”

He went on to say from that point he knew she was marriage material.

Piers added: “So I realised then that she would be perfect bride material!”

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Piers Morgan wife: Piers has previously spoke of the moment he knew Celia was marriage material. (Image: GETTY)

Piers and Celia celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last month with the Good Morning Britain presenter sharing a snap of the pair on their wedding.

In the post to his 1.1 million followers, Piers wrote: “10 years today… I made an honest woman of Celia.

“And her lawyers hoped it would never last! Happy Anniversary to my considerably better half.”

Piers was previously married to first wife Marion Shalloe who he shares three sons Spencer, 26, Stanley, 22, and Bertie, 18.

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However, Piers and ex-wife Marion went on to separate in 2008 after 17 years together.

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Piers and wife Celia also have a daughter together called Elise, who was born in 2011.

Talking about their marriage on Lorraine Celia said: “I think women are always quietly in charge but its best to let the men think they are.”

Celia went on to say how Piers is coping living in a house of all females.

Piers Morgan wife: Piers and Celia celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary last month. (Image: GETTY)

Celia said: “She [Elise] definitely puts him in his place.”

Piers has previously spoken of how he and Celia do not argue at home even though he is seen to argue on screen.

While talking about who ends the arguments at home Piers told GMB viewers: “We don’t really argue.

“Because I spend all day shouting at people so I get home and I can’t be bothered.”

Susanna went on to say: “Seriously? So you spend three hours a day arguing with me for your job, and that means that you don’t argue with Celia?”

Piers stated: “Yes, seriously. In 15 years, I can count on three fingers the amount of proper arguments. I just can’t be bothered.

“Once that doors shut give me a glass of wine, I’m easily pleased, and also I’m always right, she’s just accepted that. I don’t want all that frenzy.”

Good Morning Britain is on ITV1 every weekday from 6am to 9am.

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