PlayStation Plus update: PS Plus news is big win for Titanfall 2 on PS4

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PlayStation Plus update: PS Plus news is big win for Titanfall 2 on PS4 1

PlayStation Plus free game fans are helping to bring Titanfall 2 back to life during December 2019.

According to the latest reports, a surge of new gamers joined the servers following Sony’s December announcement.

It was revealed a few weeks ago that Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross would be the final free PS4 games of 2019.

And they’re both currently available to download from the PlayStation Store if you have an active PS Plus account.

Titanfall 2 isn’t a new game, and it managed to score rave reviews when it landed back in 2016.

But a brutal release schedule saw it arrive sandwiched between other big releases, with Call of Duty helping to crowd out the market.

Fans never really saw the game take off like many had hoped for, even with a beefier single-player offering.

Since then, developers Respawn Entertainment has moved onto other projects, with Apex Legends and Jedi Fallen Order proving popular with console gamers.

But while the free updates for Titanfall 2 are no longer planned like before launch, gamers can enjoy what is available with plenty of extra people.

As mentioned above, Titanfall 2 player numbers surged to just under 100,000 on PS4 servers after the game became available to play for free.

“The Titanfall 2 playerbase on PS4 has been revitalized, from 1.5k players on a good day to 70,000,” one user posted online.

“As some of you may know, Titanfall 2 is available on PlayStation Plus. The game is amazing and it’s wonderful to see it truly alive once again.

“If you haven’t played the game, you really really should. The singleplayer and the multiplayer are both amazing.

“I truly hope that this keeps the game alive for a long long time.”

Another added: “I seriously might renew my PS Plus to play this online again. Titanfall 2 is amazing and it was so sad to see the player base die off as it did. It is easily one of my favourite games of this decade.”

There is no doubt that Titanfall 2 will see a boost to numbers during December 2019, and it will be interesting to see how long the new influx of players helps to keep servers alive.

For anyone looking for a little background on the world of Titanfall, you can read the official PlayStation description below:

“The only thing standing between victory and defeat for the Frontier Militia is the perfect combination of man and machine – Titan and Pilot.

“In Titanfall 2, an intense first-person-shooter from Respawn Entertainment, you’ll experience high-speed mobility as a nimble Pilot who can quickly manoeuvre the battlefield both in distance and verticality.

“But when the scale of battle shifts, you’ll be able to call in a hulking Titan war machine for you to pilot to turn the tide of battle.

“Featuring a critically-acclaimed single-player campaign, players will take on the mantle of rifleman-turned-Pilot Jack Cooper, who finds themselves trapped behind enemy lines with BT-7274, his new Titan partner.

“To escape the IMC and save the day, they’ll have to learn to work together and become an effective fighting unit. The skills you earn in single player also carry over to Titanfall 2’s explosive multiplayer modes where mayhem rules supreme for anyone looking to take the fight online.”

More PS Plus free games will be announced for January, but this news isn’t expected to be shared by Sony until after December 25, 2019.

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