Pokemon Go enjoys best year ever – but does anybody actually still play it?

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Pokemon Go enjoys best year ever - but does anybody actually still play it? 1

Remember when Pokemon Go was the biggest thing in the world? After launching in the summer of 2016, the Niantic AR app was in all the newspapers, on every website and most importantly of all, on everybody’s smartphone. But that was more than three years ago, surely people aren’t still playing Pokemon Go today?

If the latest report is anything to go by, Pokemon Go is more successful now than it was back at launch.

According to a post on Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go was at its most profitable in 2019, generating approximately $ 894 million in gross player spending throughout the year.

This is up from the $ 816 million spent in 2018, and the $ 589 million in player spending from 2017.

Most surprising of all is that Pokemon Go players spent more in 2019 than they did in the six months following the game’s launch in 2016.

Players are believed to have spent roughly $ 832 million in 2016, albeit over a much shorter time period.

The increasing revenues still come as something of a surprise, especially considering Pokemon Go’s lower profile in 2019.

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Pokemon Go generated the most revenue in the US, where players are said to have spent roughly $ 335 million in the app.

Japanese players spent $ 286 million on Pokemon Go in 2019, making up almost a third of the total.

With a 54% share of spending, Android users spent more than their iOS counterparts on in-game items in the Pokemon Go app.

Perhaps the most incredible stat of all is that Pokemon Go players have now spent more than $ 3.1 billion on the app since launch.

It’s not bad when you consider Pokemon Go is a free download, and isn’t particularly aggressive with its monetisation.

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