Home Gaming Pokemon Sword and Shield’s next Pokedex update is coming today

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s next Pokedex update is coming today

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s next Pokedex update is coming today 1

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that this week will see a brand new Gigantamax form become available in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Developers Game Freak have been slowly adding free content to the game since launch, with a much bigger paid update in the works.

This will come in the form of two new DLC packs that are being planned for release on Nintendo Switch later this year.

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Today will also see a new Pokedex update go live, although this will be much smaller in scope.

It has been confirmed that Gigantamax Toxtricity will start appearing in Max Raid Battles from Thursday, February 6.

Unfortunately for gamers in the UK, this new Pokedex launch is scheduled to go live at around 4:00 pm PST.

And that means a very early launch in Europe, starting at midnight on February 7 on Nintendo Switch consoles.

If you’re not willing to stay up that late for the new encounter, the Pokemon Company has confirmed that Gigantamax Toxtricity will remain available in Raid Battles until Sunday, March 8, at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Toxtricity comes in two different forms, both of which will be available during the limited Pokemon Sword and Shield event in its respective game version.

Players who want to encounter either Pokemon forms will need to make sure they connect their Nintendo Switch console to the internet for the update.

You can get the latest information about the Wild Area anytime you connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to manually download the latest data anytime you want by opening the X menu in your game and selecting Mystery Gift and then Get the Wild Area News.

“You’ll be able to encounter Amped Form Toxtricity in Pokémon Sword and Low Key Form Toxtricity in Pokémon Shield,” a message from the Pokemon Company explains.

“If you want to challenge a Toxtricity in the form that you can’t encounter in your game, try joining a Max Raid Battle hosted by someone playing the other version.”

Details on the new Pokemon encounter coming today in Sword and Shield can be found below:

Gigantamax Toxtricity

  • Type: Electric/Poison
  • Height: 78’9″+
  • Weight: ??? lbs.
  • Ability: Punk Rock / Plus / Minus
  • Electric-type moves used by Gigantamax Toxtricity will change to G-Max Stun Shock. G-Max Stun Shock not only deals damage but also poisons or paralyzes all opponents.
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Poisonous liquid – It stores electricity within its body like a thundercloud. It also stores a huge amount of poison, said to be as much as one million liters. Every time Toxtricity moves, poisonous liquid gushes out and pours down on opponents like acid rain.

Gigantamax Centiskorch – Its voltage reaches the max During battle, it attacks by slamming a gigantic mass of electricity down upon an opponent with all its might. This mass is made up of the tremendous amount of electricity Toxtricity has stored up. The momentum involved in the full swing of Toxtricity’s gigantic body—on top of the already-powerful electricity—is great enough to create a huge crater in the ground.

The Pokemon Company has also confirmed that they will be revealing a new Mythical Pokemon as part of the Pokemon Day celebrations later this month. These will be held on February 27 and will no doubt include some surprises for Sword and Shield fans.


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