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Police say used car sales adverts could be fake as officers issue scam of the week warning

Greater Manchester Police say motorists should not be pressured into making any advance payments without seeing the vehicle they wish to buy in person. 

This will also allow motorists to check the vehicle carefully for any signs of damage and ensure everything is provided such as a car’s documentation and log book. 

Prospective buyers have also been urged to use the DVLA’s free online vehicle enquiry service to check the registration number of the vehicle advertised. 

This will allow motorists to check whether the number plate provided is registered to the same make and model seen in the image. 

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Greater Manchester Police have also warned road users to check the price advertised for the vehicle is in line with the current market. 

If a buyer is satisfied with the price and the vehicle they should pay using a method that can be tracked. 

This could be with a credit card or online payment instead of using cash which cannot be traced. 

GMP have urged motorists to be cautious of any unexpected contact with someone claiming to be the DVLA or a car insurance firm. 

Motorists who may have been caught out by a used car scam should report the incident to the police immediately. 

Each case should also be made reported to Action Fraud who will look into each report and investigate any patterns. 

Back in 2018 a report from experts Mycarcheck.com revealed fake adverts for second hand cars were “off the chart”. 

The firm said it had tracked a significant increase in the number of online scam adverts with a massive upsurge over the summer. 

They say each listing appeared to be genuine and always asked for prospective buyers to send funds before a car is delivered. 

However they warned cars are usually much lower compared to other vehicles available which could see cash strapped motorists caught out. 

Earlier this year a spokesperson for second hand selling site eBay told the BBC a number of accounts had been suspended. 

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