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Premier League clubs set to vote for Project Restart – but players could veto proposals

Premier League clubs set to vote for Project Restart - but players could veto proposals 1

That leaves 14 teams in favour of the proposals – Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle, Sheffield United, Southampton, Tottenham and Wolves .

But, according to the Daily Mirror, Premier League stars could veto the resumption of the season with clubs planning to talk to their players in the next 48 hours to gauge opinions about the ‘Project Restart’ proposals. The Professional Footballers’ Association and League Managers’ Association will also be consulted. It is thought player welfare could become the biggest issue.

Premier League players are, understandably, concerned about potentially contracting COVID-19 and spreading the virus to their families if a return to full training and match action goes ahead. There are also likely to be major question marks as to whether they would even be covered by insurance should they test positive coronavirus.

Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero is the most high-profile player to voice his worries about taking back to the pitch.

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“The majority of players are scared because they have children and families,” he said.

“I’m scared but I’m with my girlfriend here and I’m not going to be in contact with other people. I’m locked in my house and the only person I could infect is my girlfriend.

“They’re saying that there are people that have it and don’t have any symptoms but still infect you.

“That’s why I am here at home. Maybe I have the illness and I don’t even know.

“When one person is ill we will think ‘oh what’s happening here?’ I hope a vaccine will be found soon so that this all ends.”

Premier League clubs, PFA reps and captains will now discuss the issue with the players.

The outcome of the discussions will be delivered to Premier League top brass at the next meeting, which is set to take place on Friday.

Premier League players are likely to undergo two tests for coronavirus a week if the ‘Project Restart’ proposals come to fruition, while a number of clubs have begun buying face masks, which would need to be worn in training.

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