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Prince Harry snub: GMB guest spills on awkward meeting 'Never met anyone less impressed'

Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray interviewed Shaggy on Good Morning Britain today as the musician revealed why he decided to re-record his album Hot Shot 20 years after the original. However, as the rapper spoke about his life, he revealed an awkward encounter with Prince Harry when the royal visited Jamaica. 

Ranvir showed ITV viewers a picture of when Shaggy met the Prince and quizzed him on what that was like. 

She asked: “Prince Harry is a fan. Tell us what happened when you met him. He busted some moves or did he sing to you? I can’t remember what happened.”

“It’s crazy, my daughter was there,” Shaggy revealed. “Her mum said, ‘Everything’s about the Prince, the Prince is coming to Jamaica. Daddy’s going to see the Prince.’

“She was like, ‘I want to see the Prince,’ and when she got there, if you look at the picture, she didn’t want to [see him].

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“And when I finished he shook my hand, looked at me and said, ‘It wasn’t me.’”

Earlier in the interview, Shaggy revealed why he decided to re-record Hot Shot after its original release in 2000.

“What I did was a re-recording, I took five of the most popular tracks from Hot Shot,” Shaggy said. 

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“Did new vocals, new production and I wanted these kids to experience what we did back in 2000.

“But in their way so I experimented with trap, afrobeat, reggaeton, hip hop and all of that.

“And I created this sound and I really like how it came out.”

GMB viewers flocked to Twitter to praise the musician and comment on the interview. 

One tweeted: “What a legend, #Shaggy is on #GMB.”

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