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Prince Philip: Duke of Edinburgh has a very unusual dinner party requirement, says expert

Previously, Brian Hoey author of Not in Front of the Corgies, revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh has particularly elevated standards when it comes to guests at his dinners and has some unusual demands.

“When Prince Philip gives a private dinner, he likes to decide the subject for conversation,” the author wrote.

“One lady was dismayed to find she was expected to contribute on the subject of ‘deciduous trees,’ about which she knew absolutely nothing.”

To make matters trickier to navigate for guests, the author revealed that there’s a fine line when it comes to knowing too much or not enough.

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“If guests are not quite as knowledgeable as they should be, the Prince can become very touchy – but if someone is more expert than him it can just as easily ruin the occasion,” claimed Mr Hoey.

Luckily there is a way for guests to side-step embarrassment of the situation.

“Apparently the secret is to contact his office beforehand and find out his pet topics of the moment and learn just enough to be able to contribute intelligently, but not to upstage the host,” explained Mr Hoey.

However, Prince Philip’s eccentricity does not stop there.


“Another of his foibles emerges if, when watching one of his favourite television programmes, an expected guest arrives – and no others would be admitted.

“He will order his doorman to give the man a drink and tell him His Royal Highness won’t be long as he is involved in urgent business.”

Recently, it was also revealed that the Queen’s husband has an odd fascination with a surprising subject.

It was revealed that behind closed doors, the Duke of Edinburgh holds an impressive collection of original political and royal cartoons.

Several of these drawings were in fact drawn by the noted cartoonist Carl Giles.

Prince Philip was the patron of the Cartoon Museum before his retirement.

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The Prince retired from royal duties two years ago back in 2017.

He worked by the Queen’s side for 65 years.

During that time he completed 22,219 solo engagements and 637 solo overseas trips.

Additionally, the Duke of Edinburgh delivered 5,496 speeches and was a patron of 785 organisations.


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