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Princess Diana Musical: Everything to know about new Broadway musical – How to get tickets

Princess Diana is a loved figure, whose sad passing left the whole world in mourning. She showed a huge amount of compassion to those she met, and has been committed to stage and screen in various portrayals before.



What is Diana: A True Musical Story about?

The musical is about the life of Diana, but shows her in a very particular light.

The musical begins with Diana being thrust into the limelight as a young woman, married to a royal.

However, it shows how she grows and changes in time, and becomes a powerful woman who is loved by the world over, even after her death.

Princess Diana Musical: Everything to know about new Broadway musica (Image: Getty/Diana A True Musical Story)

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The official synopsis of the show reads: “A princess thrust onto the world stage. The tabloid media captivated by her beauty and vulnerability. The globe’s most celebrated monarchy disrupted.

“This is the story of the most famous woman of the modern age as she struggles to endure a spotlight brighter than any the world had ever known. Leading fiercely with her heart, Princess Diana stood up for her family, her country and herself.

“She defied expectations, she rocked the royals and she created a legacy that will endure forever.”

Diana is not the only one to be brought to life, as various supporting cast members also show important figures in the UK’s royal family.

Jeanna de Waal as Princess Diana (Image: Diana A True Musical Story)

Judy Kaye plays Queen Elizabeth II, while Erin Davie plays Camilla Parker Bowles, and Roe Hartrampf is Prince Charles.

Other than these characters, many other key figures in Diana’s life are depicted.

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Her brother, Edward ‘Johnnie’ Spencer, Barbara Carland, Diana’s step-grandmother and James Hewitt, who claimed to have had an affair with Diana, are all characterised on stage.

As well as these names, Andrew Morton, a royal biographer and Paul Burrell, the Princess’s butler, are also brought to life on the stage, as well as a young Diana.

Princess Diana (Image: Getty)

The musical has been written by Joe DiPietro, who is an American playwright, who worked with Bon Jovi’s David Bryan on the Tony Award-winning musical Memphis.

Bryan has written the music, while Christopher Ashley, the Tony winner for his work on Come From Away, is directing.

How can I get tickets to Diana: A True Musical Story?

Sadly for fans of Princess Diana in the UK, there is no staging of the musical in the UK.

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Currently, the musical is about to open on Broadway, at the Longacre Theatre.

Jeanna de Waal as Princess Diana (Image: Diana A Truse Musical Story)

The musical first opened at the La Jolla Playhouse on March 3, 2019, after previews throughout February.

The limited run was extended twice before it closed in April 2019, and now it has been reworked and workshopped to a new audience on Broadway.

The previews begin on March 2, before it officially opens on March 31.

Tickets can be purchased online at Telecharge, for shows which play at 8pm every night, and again at 2pm on Saturdays for the matinee.

Diana: A True Musical Story will open on Broadway on March 31

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