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‘Project Fear is back!’ Raab scolds Sturgeon and Blair over Scottish independence warnings

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab took Nicola Sturgeon to task over the SNP’s demands as he dismissed concerns over independence. Mr Raab admitted that “project fear” has taken its toll in the recent polls, which suggest a surge in support for independence. However, he told Sophy Ridge on Sky News that Boris Johnson is “singularly well-placed” to make “powerful and positive case” for the union.

Support for Scottish independence has consistency been a majority in recent polls, with recent backing as high as 54 percent of Scots.

Ms Ridge questioned Mr Raab on the Government’s response to fears the UK could break up and descend into chaos.

The Sky News host said: “Support for Scottish independence has been ticking up.

“We heard from Blair a few moments ago that Boris Johnson won’t be the person to save the union.”

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Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab took Nicola Sturgeon to task over the SNP’s demands (Image: SKY NEWS)

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She added: “67 percent of Scots think he is doing a bad job. Do you think Boris could be the person to break the union?

Mr Raab responded: “No, not at all.

“If you look at the approach we are taking, we want to make it clear the impact the UK has, as a Government and as a country, on all parts of the country – and that includes Scotland

“If you look at coronavirus. We had a huge impact on Scotland, if you see the role of testing, PPE, and the military.”

Mr Raab fired back when Ms Ridge asked whether he was “worried” about the break-up of the union.

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He said: “I always want to make sure we are one United Kingdom and we keep coming back to this debate.

“But if you look at the economic benefits, the cultural togetherness, our clout on international stage, we are much better as one United Kingdom.”


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The Foreign Secretary continued: “What we do need to do is much more powerfully make the positive case.

“If you look at recent referendums and elections, there is a bit of project fear that creeped into all of them.

“I think we need to be more forthright and heartfelt in our case for the union.

“Boris Johnson is singularly well-placed two make that case because of that optimistic fizz he has about himself and his leadership style to make the case to the union.”

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