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Property: Make sure you ask your estate agent these questions to avoid being ripped off

The experts warned against signing up with an agent who is not open about fees.

Instead, Britons must ask questions to find an estate agent who is upfront about all potential costs.

“You should pick an agent that is clear, open and honest about their fee from the offset,” the experts said.

“If you can, find an agent who offers a percentage-based fee rather than a fixed fee.


“This is because with a fixed fee, if your property price comes down, the agent would still get a higher amount – although you’re not getting as much for your home.”

They explained using an agent with a fixed fee could see homeowners lose out on money.

As well as picking a good estate agent, sellers should look for those who are the best fit to sell their type of home.

The experts added: “Although they could be a great agency, asking ‘how many houses like mine have you sold before’ will show you whether they’ve had any experience selling houses exactly like yours.

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They added: “To help you choose which estate agent to go with, do your research and ask lots of questions before you make a decision.

“If you’re looking for a quick sale you should be asking them how long it takes them to sell properties like yours.

“If you’re worried about a sale falling through, ask them how often it happens to them.”

Source:Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed

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